Getting dressed up on Sunday always feels like a chore, whether you’re headed to a place of worship or to wait in line at an over-hyped breakfast spot. But head-to-toe grey sweats won’t do. People don’t need to see all that. This is where you can leverage your weekday layering expertise and adapt it to a more relaxed style. Monochromatic outfits are a minefield, as in theory, single-colour dressing should be easy, everything already matches, but in practice, the effect can be a real conundrum, as any fella with an active eye on style could slap together a haphazard mix of blizzard-ready complementary colours; it takes a real expert to pull up a cohesive outfit around a single, solitary hue—but the results are always worth it. So let us guide you through a fail-safe playbook, packed with practical styling tips and a curated selection of outfits to ignite your creativity.

To be clear, single-colour dressing shouldn’t be about streamlining your decision-making process, instead, think of it as an opportunity to explore the diversity of fabrics, silhouettes, and textures that make cold weather style a menswear style paradise. Winter is the best time to experiment with a solo-colour move because of the variety of layering moves at your disposal, you’ve got your starting lineup of coats, jackets, sweaters, and vests, all supported by a formidable bench of fleece-lined gloves, woolly hats, and thick comfortable scarves.

Start with your favourite slim-cut chinos, jeans or well-fitted trousers, slim but not too skinny with a hem that hits just below the ankle crease, is the difference between a drab outfit and a head-turner one, you know, the ones that are just a little too rumpled to wear to work, add your most comfortable sweatshirt or light-colour sweater. Then top things off with a coat, great if you own one in beige or ecru that can keep the palette monochromatic. Dressed entirely in neutrals exudes a polished appearance without appearing overly formal, subtly hinting at the imminent arrival of spring, finishing everything up with white sneakers and your boldest shades and—voila—you’ve pulled off the perfect Sunday outfit, even if, okay, all you end up doing is watch football on the tv all day.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, for one thing cream-on-cream is so good, it isn’t so much of a style mov, as it is a confident embrace of basics in basic colours and the same goes for a sweatshirt which is snug without that tell tale too-tight fabric pulling. Besides the great fit, knowing which neutrals work for you and how they work together is an essential part of getting dressed in style. So when it comes to choosing the exact neutral to flatter your skin tone, nothing works better than trying something on with the guy in the store who knows what he’s talking about, and he will tell you that if a certain item makes you look all pale or sickly,to put it down. 

Stay away from colours that match your skin exactly and start with strong, saturated shades.They both work to break up the monochrome colour palette while adding two hits of stylish and manly hardware. Once you’ve found your perfect neutrals, we highly recommend you wear the hell out of this exact outfit all winter.