Summer Weddings: Need A Foolproof Formula for Acing Reception-Ready Style?

Sometimes it seems like it’s every weekend that one of your mates is getting married. And the old conundrum every time is what to wear. You can’t go in the same clobber as you did the week before, and as men have fewer options that women, we’re here to give you a little guidance. It is no longer the norm that you get dressed up the nines in a three piece suit and slick hair, unless of course it’s a formal church wedding. Going to a wedding, dress style is taking a slightly lower tone these days, with wedding guests being able to come a lot more casual and ditching the formal wear.

First think of the venue, is it a barn, registry office, hotel or even a beach, it’s how to dress appropriately that counts. First thing you have to do is check out the weather, and that may determine what’s suitable to wear, so you feel comfortable all day. You can always wear a jacket that you can take and take off as the night progresses into party mode. Timing is crucial. If the ceremony is before 6pm, don’t wear a tux, after 6pm, then guess what, you have to go in some kind of evening wear.

Key points:

Double breasted must be tailored correctly to avoid looking old fashioned.
Brown shoes are fine with a dark blue suit. Just keep them chestnut coloured.
Monkstraps are great as they toe the line between smart and casual.
You don’t need to wear a waistcoat all of the time with a double breasted suit.

Want to go a little more less informal? It’s important that you hit the right balance between cool and smart. So go for a lightweight jacket or blazer and slim-fit chinos in summer colour, like beige, blue or tan. Might be a good idea to veer away from strawberry red.

You can if it’s a very informal wedding wear a pristine white round neck tee and a suit with cool white sneakers. Polo shirts are ok, but stick to pique fabric or linen and light cotton to stay cool. Indeed, linen is a great fabric two wear if it’s a beach wedding, as you can go the whole way with an all linen outfit, a linen suit or trousers and a cool crisp linen shirt, just add the Panama hat and shades. But please, white on the other hand, white should not be considered unless you are John Travolta, the man from Del Monte or the bride.

Not acceptable: trainers, flip flops, mandals and jeans, especially if it’s your wedding.