When the wedding invitations start pouring in will you get an invite? Is it a black tie, church, registry, garden, barn or beach, either way you’re going to dress appropriately. Weddings actually have taken a slightly lower tone nowadays, well at least to the more casual weddings, and where the wedding guests are able to ditch the formal wear.

So as a wedding guest, just what is appropriate to wear to a wedding that may be held in a church, registry office and barn, the dress code may be informal, and virtually no rules apply, but dress appropriately. Firstly make sure that what you wear is suitable for the weather, that you look and feel comfortable in, and if you’re layering up, you can always take off your jacket, but make sure you have a good quality shirt on, no sweat marks please, if the night progresses party mode.

You know that thinking about what you would wear to a wedding can be quite exciting, thanks to the rise of different and unusual wedding venues on-going remake and evolution of the suit, nowadays you have a great array of options that will make you stand out as either a guest or the best man, but sometimes those options can be confusing. You guys have the advantage over the ladies as you can reuse your outfits after the wedding, mix and match and change your wardrobe for different occasions. So the best way forward is not to get it wrong, get the right balance between cool and smart.

Lightweight blazers, slim-fit chinos in cool neutral colours, crisp shirts and tan shoes for summer, and if you are going to a wedding in autumn, when the weather is unpredictable, you will have to wear warm jackets, and tailored trousers, but you can certainly go brighter with your shirts. Beach weddings can be greatly good fun, hot yes, but big time fun. So don’t  go mad on being overdressed,  keep your outfits clean and light, in pastel shades, like beige, white and cream will look good. But you can give your shirt a good shout in brighter, bolder colours, and of course shoes are important, so if it’s on the sand you’ll need sandals, but do buy footwear that is fashionable, not dad sandals. And if you’re not into sandals, do lightweight loafers.

Happy weddings guys.