Summer Style Must-Haves

Finally, it is summertime! And we’re deep in it right now. The heat is sweltering, and the days are long and event-filled. It can become exhausting figuring out what to wear on days where it’s hard even to find the motivation to get dressed because it’s so hot outside. Add to that, a lot of men feel weird about wearing flip flops no matter the temperature; you may think that the hot, hot heat limits your ability to show off your sartorial style. Well, don’t worry about it – because here’s a list of things you one hundred percent need this summer to not only look cool but to stay cool. 


Since we already touched on the flip flop thing – which, to be honest, there are plenty of styles of flip flops for men that do, in fact, look fantastic and put together. But, hey, a lot of guys just can’t get on board with it, and that’s fine too. So, if you’re in the camp “no flip flop,” then your option is slides. And let me tell you, if you haven’t already slid your foot into a slide, you’re missing out. But, chances are, you at least rocked a pair of Adidas massage slides in between sports practices in high school, so you already know how comfortable they are. Well, they’re in trend, and frankly, have been for a few years now. So, if you don’t own a pair of slides, start looking up designer shoes and find a style that suits your individual tastes because they keep your body temperature cooler and you look laid back and effortlessly stylish in them. 

Iconic Shades

If you haven’t already found your go-to style of sunglasses yet, it’s not too late to keep looking stylish this summer and protect your eyes in the process. A lot of men go for the timeless wayfarer – with good reason. While sunglasses trends come and go at the same rate for men as they do for women, opting for evergreen styles allows you to expand your budget a little further than you might if you were buying the style du jour. So, head into a Sunglass Hut (they still exist!) or start perusing online to find a style that works best for you. What’s great is that now, even if you’re shopping from the comfort of your home, most websites give you the option of a virtual try-on, making it easy to know if you’re going to look devilishly handsome or a little silly. So, think less about what’s in trend and more about what frames and suits your face best. Again, invest in a pair or two because, for some reason, so many of us tend to lose our sunglasses – which is even more manageable in the fun you’re having during the summertime!

Comfortable Cotton 

Let’s face it, and there’s nothing that will make you feel self-conscious as quickly as becoming a sweaty mess when it’s super hot outside. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to the fabrication of your clothing. When shopping for the summertime, you want to look for natural fabrics like cotton or linen (or silk if you fancy it). But, you’re primarily shopping for things like t-shirts and shorts, so make sure that the fabrication content is such that it will keep you comfortable and your body from overheating. If you have to shop for something a little more upscale or for a date, linen blazers look incredibly stylish while also relaxed – and relaxed equals confidence. What’s more attractive to another person than confidence? Nothing.

Hair Style

That’s right, and we’re going to include your hairstyle in essential summer styles you must have. While there’s nothing wrong with having a laid-back look, your hair is the crown of your appearance. Do not let this slip just because you’re traveling more in the summer or heading out to more parties. If you’re the type that typically keeps it high and tight, don’t let this fall by the wayside. Stay up on your facial hair (and ear, nose, etc.) grooming as well. If the genetic gods blessed you with thick, tousled hair that you somehow manage to pull off, make sure you’re keeping those locks moisturized during your beach days and using a hair mask once a week. 

So there you have it. It’s not too much to ask for, is it? If you implement all of these into your shopping habits and keep your grooming up to snuff, there’s no reason that you can’t stay looking and feeling your best for the rest of the summer. Happy Trails!