Summer Fashion: Coloured Trousers

I’ve always been an inordinate fan of the preppy, heritage look. Well perhaps that’s a slightly excessive way of describing it, but it’s certainly the best look a man can choose, in my opinion. That’s not to say that I think all men should walk around looking like clones of one another, with their hair slicked back, clad in polo shirts and deck shoes. Of course, there are various different takes on the look, and I’m fairly open to all ideas. It did, however, come to my attention last weekend that the coloured trouser is a pretty versatile look that could be worn whatever your personal style, although I do personally feel that it’s a pretty standard item for those with a more traditional sense of dress. Needless to say, it’s a wardrobe staple that every gentleman should consider investing in, so let us consider ways in which the coloured trouser could be worn and which colour will work best for you.

The Preppy Look

As I mentioned above, it was only last weekend that I really considered the coloured trouser. I’m not really sure why it took so long to come to my attention, especially seeing as I was surrounded by coloured trouser wearing boys all through my school years. I think red is probably the best colour to choose if you’re aiming for the preppy look. It certainly seems to be a popular colour amongst this set of people and works extremely well with the other staple items of this style: check shirts in pale blue, tan deck shoein butter soft leather, fine knits in the most delicate cashmere and basically anything from Ralph Lauren.


Pastels work particularly well at this time of year and my first point of advice would be not to wear an outfit consisting entirely of the same pastel colour. I’m sure you’re probably all aware of that IKEA kitchen advert currently dominating our television screens, where the very tall gentlemen is donning an all pale pink combo, not a great look, especially on someone so slim. Pastels do work with other pastels; just ensure there’s a subtle colour difference. We covered the Pastel Trend a few weeks ago and it’s defiantly one to look out for.

Colour Clashing


If you’re feeling particularly brave this summer then colour clashing is an extremely cool trend that shows style, confidence and pizzazz. Summer is the season of colour so now there’s warmth in the air it’s the perfect time to get some brights into your wardrobe. Ensure you pick complimentary colours that work well together, red and blue is always a classic combination as is green and purple.


Colour and print is the ideal combination during the long, hot months. It’s always acceptable, and probably quite preferable, to wear more colour during summer so you may as well immerse yourself wholeheartedly and combine your bright trousers with a printed tee. Ensure the colour of your trousers is subtly shown in part of the print and the same rules apply as colour clashing; always try to wear colours that compliment one another so your outfit doesn’t look too crazy or unthought-of.

Let us know if you’ll be sporting a pair of brightly coloured trousers this summer and if you have any innovative ways of styling this jazzy and flamboyant wardrobe must have.