Summer Essentials – Part 2

First off may we say we hope you’re having a splendid bank-holiday weekend and the sunshine has given you an opportunity to put into practice some of the ideas we suggested for the first part of our Summer Essentials guide. Secondly, welcome back to Part II, we hope unlike most sequels it lives up to Part I. (Read Summer Essentials Part 1 Now).

To reiterate from where we left off, summer doesn’t stay with us very long so the most important word when it comes to choosing your summer clothes is diversity.  There is little point in buying ten of everything because the likelihood is you are not going to have the time scale in which to wear everything, so make sure you pick clothes than can be incorporated in to outfits.

wardrobe 1

Of course we all need some statement pieces in our collection, think bold colours and prints, but in the main it is about making your wardrobe as diverse as possible without having to add an extension on to your home in order to accommodate your clothing collection.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. Here are a few more essentials items you require to keep cool and look cooler throughout the summer months.


The King of Summer clothing, ever since James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, the t-shirt has become a symbol of effortless cool. From skater kids in their baggy tees, to hipsters with their rolled up sleeves there are numerous ways to make the t-shirt your go to item this summer. Plus, while it shall always retains a sense of youthful rebellion, worn tucked in to a smart part of trousers and with some dress shoes on your feet, a good plain white t-shirt is perfect for those dress down Fridays.

striped cotton teebreton striped teewhite highroll tee

acne studiosraglan teeneon jersey tee

Short Sleeve Shirts

The short sleeve shirt has to be one of my personal favourites. Maybe it’s because, unlike some of the other items discussed, this is an item you would only really wear in the summer that, just like the sun itself, gives us all an extra spring in our step. It also allows us the chance to add some spice to our wardrobe with bold prints and the use of colour being seen as a good thing. The trick is to wear said shirt with some smarter attire, thus ensuring you avoid looking like a used car salesman; lightweight cotton trousers in navy or grey are ideal. Also ensure you have a plain white one, it works perfectly for the office, holidays and wedding attire.

floral cotton teepin wheel teewhite oxford shirt

black cloud shirthawaiian shirtbeams plus shirt


With trainers now seen as socially acceptable even in the formal world (suits worn with trainers are a big ‘thing’ right now), the trainer is riding the crest of the fashion wave right now. From Common Projects to Converse, New Balance to Nike, Valentino to Vans, the trainer is seen as much in offices and high-streets as it is in the gym or sports fields. There are no hard-or-fast rules with how to wear your trainers, be it shorts or suits, shirts or t-shirts, they really do traverse all the fashion rules at present.

trimmed sneakerscamo printed trainersturq blue grey

optical whitenike trainersvans black white


I often hear men say sunglasses do not suit them but in much the same vain as hats, this simply isn’t true. There’s a pair of sunglasses for all of us, it’s merely a case of picking a shape and style that suits the shape of your own head. Spending good money on sunglasses in a country where the sun rarely shines for any great length of time may not seem like the best of ideas but buy a pair that suit you, and just as importantly, have high quality lenses, and they will last you a lifetime.

square sunglassesleight sungalssesblack pilot sunglasses

quay silver sunglassessuprema sunglasseswayfarer sunglasses


So, there you have it. Hopefully somewhere in amongst the flurry of words and images you have found something that will enable your summer can go without a hitch.

There are of course a plethora of other items we could have mentioned but the one we have highlighted are the essential building blocks to getting you started. We don’t get too much time to enjoy the sunshine north of the equator so make the most of it and get shopping.