Choosing Your Suit & Shoe Colour

Every stylish gentleman should know that wearing matching your shoe color with a suit is as essential as matching a tie with shirts. But although some fellows already mastered the art of finding the perfect match for their tie, other gentlemen are still trying to solve this enigma how to hit the right look.

To help you solve this riddle for good, below you will find a short guide which I can really hope will help you out. Here, finally curtains will be opened, and all gentlemen will get a chance to learn how to match their nice suits with even nicer shoes!


Are black suits one of the easiest to match? Well, not exactly. In fact, many style specialists agree that black suits should only be matched with black shoes and that is it! It is also not recommended to pair it with browns and burgundy shoes since to be fair, black is not that universal color after all. And it is not very stylish to wear it for casual days, work for at the office or even going out.


Better match it only with black shoes and leave it for funerals or very formal business events – these are probably only occasions when you can wear it without risking of looking dull. To be fair, any other color of the shoe is going to look too casual with black, and that is not needed or necessary at all.

Navy Blue

Navy suits are the ones for all gentleman who don’t really want to struggle to find the perfect shoe match since navy can go perfectly with all three primary colors – black, brown and red or burgundy. And in fact, in some cases and if you are brave enough, you can even pull some more exotic and fun colors as well, since navy is so neutral it will look great with anything.


Blue is one of the best colors to play up and create contrast outfits, so navy blue suits can do magic in this case too. But consider the occasion as well. Black shoes are more businesslike; brown are for more relax times while fun and unique red or burgundy shoes are perfect for playful touch.

Charcoal Grey

Dark gray, or as someone like to call charcoal gray suits definitely look perfect with black or burgundy colored shoes, as brown ones are a huge no.

Why? Well, if you pull a dark gray suit and pair it with dark brown shoes you will look a bit like you are trying too hard to match colors perfectly – and that is never good or considered as stylish. On the other hand, light brown shoes are a bit informal, and it might drag an eye to your feet rather than complete outfit smoothly.


The mixing rule here is simple – plain black or a deep burgundy works the best in this case. It will create a very relaxed but still elegant look, and you will avoid looking like trying too hard.

Medium and Light Gray

This color suit is the second easiest to match since medium or light gray colors look perfect together with black, brown or burgundy-red shoes.

Such color suits are even more informal than navy, but they do share adaptability then matching it with shoes. You can pair them with every color of the shoe you want, and actually, be confident that you are looking like a million bucks.

For the perfect look, also, check for different occasions. For instance, red or burgundy shoes paired with a medium gray suit are perfect for a casual look (but try to incorporate a little of color or some visibly fun pattern to the whole ensemble too). While black shoes will create a more formal look, which might be what you are looking for in more relaxed office environments.


For the best look, always choose to pair your brown suit with either brown shoes or red/burgundy ones. Therefore, black shoes are the ones that should stay in the closet this time.

Brown suits look fantastic with various shades of brown shoe leather, but you probably want a little bit of visual interest between the color of the shoe and the color of the suit. Why? Well, if you somehow manage to find the exact shade and decide to wear it – you are taking an enormous risk of looking odd and old-fashion. So – don’t do it. Generally, it is always better to have shoe color darker than suit‘s, but anything can work as far as you have a visibly strong contrast to the whole outfit.

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