Stylist: Ashley Weston

We put the MFM spotlight on celebrity stylist Ashley Weston, who has been working with celebrity clientele since 2009. Mastering her craft, Ashley doesn’t just finish at styling, teaching them etiquette, grooming and many lifestyle do’s and don’ts to improve demeanour.

Introducing Ashley Weston

Giving a unique perspective as a woman, Ashley has dressed men that top GQ’s and Esquire’s “Best-Dressed” lists. With her work being featured on some of the most recognisable publications, including GQ, Esquire, Interview and Wired, Ashley has really placed her mark on the industry. Alongside working with publications, she also has worked on exciting campaigns for the likes of Diesel, Carrera, Reebok and DVF.

Her personality shines through with everything she does, and her styling is faultlessly crisp. It has to be, considering the outfits she chooses for her celebrity clientele tend to get photographed hundreds of times, published, and analysed by thousands (if not millions). Dressing Darren Criss for the Met Gala in May, she’s also styled Ed Helms, Zachary Quinto and Ian Somerhalder. 

ashley weston

Styling by Ashley Weston

Her website features up to date styling tips, grooming tips, and lifestyle tips for the modern day man… and we’re a fan.

To find out more about Ashley, to see more of her work, and to check out her style advice articles, visit her website here.