4 Style Tips To Dress Better Today

If I had to improve my style today, what would I do?

Let’s face it, we all want a quick fix. We all want to look better quickly, we all want instant gratification and more importantly we want immediate results…

So what would I do if I started all over again?

If I rewound the clock all the way back to 8 years ago when I was wearing baggy shorts and slogan t-shirts… What would I do if I wanted to dramatically improve my style instantly?

There’s 4 things that stand out to me, 4 things I’m going to share with you today.

Before we move on I want to make something clear… a ‘quick fix’ isn’t always the best route to go down.

Sustainability is key, and you want to make sure you’re improving your physical appearance for the right reasons. No man can gain a six pack overnight, and no man can become a truly confident, stylish version of themselves overnight.

Long term results always outweigh short term results.

1. Get Your Clothing Tailored

If I had to adjust the way I dressed to make an immediate impact I’d focus on the fit.

Yes, it’s an obvious one but it’s something we all neglect when we don’t dress well.

You already have clothing in your wardrobe and you probably don’t have the time to go out and spend money on new clothing, so literally take some of the items in your wardrobe that you wear that are still stylish and take them to a tailor.

For example, I was wearing jeans 8 years ago. They weren’t the greatest jeans but they also weren’t the worst. The main thing that I was doing wrong is they weren’t fitting properly. They were too baggy. They were too loose.

If I went back in time I’d take those jeans to a tailor (or an alteration service) and make them a lot slimmer. I’d make sure the length was fine, the break was perfect on my shoe, I’d make sure the waist was fitting perfectly. All of these finer adjustments don’t cost a lot of money, but they have a huge impact on how you look.

easy guide to fit

So instead of going and wasting money on new clothing, take your clothing that you already own and get it tailored. Just by changing the way your clothes fit, it will have a dramatic impact on how good you look.

2. Dress Up More

The second thing is I would dress up slightly more than I normally would. My style back then was extremely casual, so if I wanted to make an impression, I only would have needed to dress a little bit smarter.

Now that doesn’t mean that I’m going to go straight out for the suit and completely shock everyone, walking around thinking that I’m Don Draper, all I’m going to be doing is slightly increase how formal my outfit is.

For example, let’s say that I typically wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Instead of that outfit I can go pair of jeans that are tailored (taking the advice from the first point), a nice buttoned-down shirt and a nice pair of dress shoes. Automatically my style increases but at the same time, I’m not overdoing it.

before after paul

So if you want to improve your style instantly add a little bit more of formal wear into your outfit. Don’t overdo it though, and that will dramatically improve your style instantly.

3. Wear Dress Shoes

If I had to improve my style instantly I’d focus on my choice of footwear, switching out sneakers for a good pair of dress shoes.

The change that your outfit will have just by wearing some good shoes is huge. If you wear some battered up sneakers every single day and instead you switched them out for a Brogue or a Double Monk-Strap shoe it’s going to dramatically improve your style.

There’s a vast array of dress shoes to choose from, just make sure you focus on the quality of the shoe alongside the style. In the video below I highlight 5 of my personal favourite dress shoes.

Again, no drastic change to get people thinking you’re going through a mid life crisis but a subtle change that has a big impact. All I would do is wear something slightly smarter than I normally would (taking advice from the previous point) and I’d pair the outfit with a dress shoe.

4. Don’t Care What People Think

Last but not least, if I had to start all over again on my style journey I wouldn’t care what anyone thought of me.

This isn’t really a style trick or a style hack, it’s more of just something that you can do to feel more stylish and to feel more confident. When you stop worrying what people think of you and how you dress, your confidence and freedom to dress how you want will increase.

When I first started improving my style I started wearing suits a lot, but I was only dressing for other people. I was looking for compliments, I was trying too hard.

Now, I don’t care what people think (and you shouldn’t too).

You should dress for yourself.

How many times have you got an outfit out, you’ve tried it on, and you’ve put something back because you think someone would say something to you? Don’t worry what people think. Just dress to how you want to dress, and that’s going to improve your confidence and at the same time, improve your style.

Upgrade Your Style Today

So there we have it, 4 quick things that I would do if I wanted to improve my style today.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and share what’s helped you too.

If you had to go back all the way to the beginning to your style journey, what would you have done differently?

Style shouldn’t be difficult.

Embrace how you want to dress and minor changes can have a big impact.

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