Style Staple: The Bomber Jacket

Rich in military heritage, originally worn by air-force pilots during World War One, the bomber jacket has since evolved into a perennial style piece. With its minimalist androgynous structure, the bomber jacket too gained iconic status in the masculine realm of sports, popularly worn by baseball players and varsity teams alike. Traditionally a symbol of virility, in the recent years this classic jacket has become the emblematic piece for a style where casual meets luxury. Whilst it serves as the ideal trans-seasonal outerwear attire, the prevalence of bomber jackets on the catwalk is a mere acclamation of its sartorial versatility. Let’s peruse the diverse ways in which to sport this premium style piece:

All Black Everything

The perfect chic alternative to the suit and tie, an all black ensemble with a textured black bomber jacket, will effortlessly mesh the elegance of aristocratic charm with comfortable dressing. Team a black bomber jacket with slim fit black denim, a black printed t-shirt and desert boots for a pared-down contemporary take on the classic look of tout noir. Or, keep it traditional with a pair of tailored black trousers, a crisp black shirt buttoned up to the collar, and black formal shoes to create a polished silhouette. Be eccentric at a red carpet event and throw your textured black bomber jacket over your shoulders so that you’re ready to take your bow at any moment.

black bomber

A black bomber jacket is a timeless item that can be paired with most looks. Keep things simple and minimalistic and you can implement a black bomber jacket into your style pretty easily. Here’s some product picks:

quilted bomber jacketblack cotton jacket

twill bomber jacketteddy bomber jacket

Minimalist Mash-Up

Focusing on the tailoring and texture of the garment, the structure of the bomber jacket makes it the ideal piece to play minimalist mash-up. The key to achieving this look is to keep the outfit to a maximum of two colours (or even colour block two tones of the same colour) and experiment with a variety of shapes and fabrics within one ensemble. Contrast materials and tailoring such as cropped corduroy trousers and a fitted knit bomber jacket, or vintage denim jeans with a suede bomber jacket, for an upscale minimalist style. Carry a leather satchel to add a regal touch to the minimalist mash-up.

minimalist bomber jacket

Create The Look

contrast sleeve leatherstone bomber jacket

camel slim trousersleather satchel

Rebel With(out) a Cause

rebel look bomber jacket

Reminiscent of the cool cats from Arthur Laurents’ epic 1950s musical West Side Story, the bomber jacket is the optimal style attire for subtly advocating contemporary male rebellion; revive this rebellious nomadic pleasure in the 21st Century with a rugged oversized puffer bomber jacket. Add volume to this look with either quilted detailing on the jacket or sport the jacket over a luxurious fabric such as a velvet or cashmere jumper to achieve urban exuberance. Whether you wear tailored trousers or distressed jeans, the ultimate finish is to team this look with a pair of black biker boots to show you really mean business. Now that you’re ready to manifest your rebellion in style, from les rues de Paris to Hollywood Boulevard, do not forget to take your sunglasses with you, just in case you wish to be incognito.

bleach bomber jacketburgundy sleeve bomber

asos bomber jacketquilted nylon jacket

bjambe bomber jacketstriped baseball jacket

Nostalgic, versatile, and comfortable the bomber jacket is truly the key for sartorial ease.