Style Staple – Mens Bags

It’s a nightmare. The amount of guys we see opting for slim fit trousers but then stuffing their pockets to create random bulges is huge. Why ruin a stylish look by stuffing your pockets? The simple addition of a bag will remove this style mishap, and will add masculinity to your look. In today’s short article, we’re going to highlight what bags you should be opting for.

The Man Bag

It’s refreshing to see the amount of men changing their minds on the man bag, and instead of stuffing their pockets with keys, phones, chewing gum, wallets, and the collection of numbers they’ve gained throughout the day, men are opting towards carrying a bag rather than stuffing slim fit pockets. A bag shouldn’t be longer seen as a women’s fashion accessory, and the variety of styles available on the market makes it an essential item to get hold of.

Alongside the practicality of carrying a bag, it also adds a touch of masculinity to a look. The addition of a bag can add something to a look when its lacking, it can add a subtle touch of colour, implement a key feature of a trend along with simply drawing attention towards your style.

Although a bag is classed as an accessory, a simple add on to a look, if you invest wisely in the timeless style of bag, focus on the material, quality and colour, it will be the perfect addition to any look you construct together.

Key Styles

Looking to invest in a bag for functionality and style but don’t know where to look? Think about your staple style. Is it casual with urban influences? Is it preppy? Do you follow trends? By defining your overall style, you can get a better idea of what bag would most benefit you.

For example the leather holdall is a great addition to any formal or preppy look, and this sleek form of luggage can really add a whole new element to your look. It can also work well with casual looks if you opt for a bigger holdall made from fabric. The backpack is another timeless option, but it doesn’t work with formal attire. So if your statement style is quite preppy, and tends to be elegant, a backpack wouldn’t be your ideal option. Other styles to think about are the Tote that is perfect for the spring/summer season, along with the satchel. All styles offer something different, so invest wisely and take inspiration from these lookbooks below.

mens bags 2013

So are you sold on the man bag? Here are some product picks that we’d recommend.

paisely suede satchelcrocodile holdall bag

green canvas barrel bagblack elkington briefcase

print shoulder bagsuperdry napsack

fabric holdallholiday print tote bag