Style Inspiration Videos

Ollech & Wajs was among the first companies to introduce a range of integrated bracelet sports models in the early 70s. Most notable of these was the OW Ref.8000 –

Clothing isn’t just a covering; it’s a canvas upon which we paint our emotions and identity. Fashion is not merely about clothes; it’s a language, a statement, and a reflection

Regarding fashion, colour combinations are vital in creating a stylish and visually appealing look. One classic trio that never goes out of style for men is the combination of tan,

This Style Session video from the clever Zegna lot is ideal as we start to think about our summer expeditions.
Antonio from Real Men Real Style walks us through some common rules we should know about. Rules are there to be broken though, so take them with a pinch of
We hit the streets of London to ask the London ladies what they like in men. We ask them for some style tips, alongside what qualities they find attractive in
We’re big fans of what MANGO produce for menswear, and we love this campaign video.
Mr Porter bring us this video showcasing some industry insiders, explaining things they wish they’d never worn. Take some inspiration.
Mr Porter launch another one of their Style Clinic episodes, featuring Larry Lamb. Get style inspiration, and your style questions answered.
Michael Dale, fashion PR for a high street brand, is a force in the menswear industry. Stephen Kelly caught up with him on the set of our recent Style Challenge.