Style Inspiration – The Scandinavians

It doesn’t matter if they’re Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, those Scandinavians make me green with envy. Those cheekbones which appear as if chiselled from the finest granite, those mesmeric eyes sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight, those flowing blonde locks which look as though they were invented for a L’Oreal advert, it’s enough to make any man sick.

What gets me more than anything though is their style. There is such a sumptuous ease to it all; they look as though they’re barely trying while at the same juncture putting the rest of us fashion lovers to shame. Their colour palette plays on the minimalism, the brands are easy on the eye and the contemporary cuts exude a sense of the past, present and future all combining to create a perfect synergy of style.

style 001

They may be famed for their model looks, clean way of living and lifestyle which regularly crops up on ‘best places on earth’ lists but the Scandinavians have recently been making as many waves in the fashion industry as they have in the travel guides.

More and more brands appear to be coming from this cluster of small countries in the farthest reaches of the Northern Hemisphere and we here at MFM thought it was about time we showcased exactly why that is.

Without further ado, here are just three of the leading brands hailing from those Utopian countries in the North.

Norse Projects:

style 002

Brands such as ACNE and Nudie may be more widely known, but anyone who loves a brand that is yet to saturate the style market will love Norse Projects. This Norweignan brand fuses a sense of modern fashion with streetwear to create a brand that works just as well with 50 year old men after a good pair of chinos as it does with teenage skaters with a backpack and twenty-something hipsters looking for 5-panel caps or sweaters. Check out their Elka rain jacket in an abundance of colours; originally designed for trawler fishermen, it’s the ultimate in raincoats meets fashion.

mens david topanton cacao shirtblue rubber jacket

norse stripe shirtketel navy sweaterwhite heavy chinos

Our Legacy:

style 003

Hailing from the shores of Sweden, ‘Our Legacy’ are very much at the forefront of the Scandi fashion movement. Creating a unique blend of prints and clean shapes, they epitomize the quintessential designs associated with Sweden. From t-shirts to print shirts, lightweight cotton suits to suede leather bomber jackets, Our Legacy really are one of the pioneers of Scandinavian fashion.

indigo lips shirtsuede shirt jacketleaves six shirt

yellow wool jumperwool blend blazergrey frote tee


style 004

This Danish brand has recently become a by-word for uber cool. If ‘Norse Project’ are street style and ‘Our Legacy’ are contemporary prints and cuts, Wood Wood are an amalgamation of the two. Their latest collection is part football casual, part East End hipster and these two juxtaposed style sub-genres merge to create a collection which immediately singles it out as Wood Wood.  Without question one of the hippest brands doing the rounds, their logo – I’m not quite sure if it’s meant to be a W, two A’s or both – is a sign of one of the coolest brands coming out of Scandinavia.

wood gang teewood 3d teedouble graphic tee

paradiski shirtwwsc sweatshirtowen messenger bag


Every country likes to think they dress well but if we are honest with ourselves, there is something about the Scandinavians that sees them at atop the style podium. There are numerous reasons as to why this may be but I think in the main it is due to the ease with which they carry off their various looks; they don’t look as though they are trying too hard yet at the same juncture it is clear to see they take great pride in their style habits.

Of course the fact (or is it myth?) they all look like models enables them to execute a look few nations have the ability to pull off but their choice of cuts, colours and blend of classic work-wear with contemporary street-wear only help to enhance their rightful place amongst the fashion elite.