Model Spotlight: Jimmy Q

Many have questioned our reasons for selecting the style icons we do, some ask nicer than others; but what it ultimately comes down to is style. It sounds simple enough but you would be surprised at how many people don’t understand this concept. Style is something you either have or you don’t, and it stems from so much more than how you were clothes. Confidence is key, and so is walking to whatever beat you bang out on your own drum. Jimmy Q is most certainly one of these gents who carries himself with the bad boy swagger of a sophisticated and ready to rock gentleman. Many of you may be unsure of whom this bloke is yet you may recall his face and how familiar he is. He is a very successful male model and has been making waves in the industry for has alternative style and rock and roll tattooed look. Currently signed with Select models, he’s been the object of discussion of many fashion blogs and websites around the world.  JQ has graced the runway for Oliver Spencer for Fall/Winter 2012 as well as Pringle of Scotland at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013. Additionally, the tattooed model was featured in a presentation for Superdry’s collaboration with Timothy Everest. He’s also been on the pages of Huge, Wylder and Nylon.

jimmyq 001

I first spotted Jimmy Q (or if you want his full name, James Edward Quaintance III) at London graduate fashion week approximately 2 years ago modelling a graduate collection. My lack of recollection in regards to the clothes is guaranteed to be down to how captivating Jimmy’s presence and stature is. You felt it in the crowds when he came on, the way he walks and the way he carries himself is everything we go on and on about when we mention personal style from within. He captivates like any true an professional model should. When it comes to modelling it clearly is a woman’s world and there are few gents that really stand out, and Jimmy is most definitely one of them. Regardless of what he wears or models you will never lose the essence of what makes James Edward Quaintance III, a true model and the one and only Jimmy Q.

jimmyq 002

Aside from the deserved success as a model, Jimmy is also an exceptionally talented pro skater and if you search for him on YouTube you will see why. Looking at him you can see he has a love for tattoos, so much so that he is a professional tattoo artist himself which another cool and rock and roll element to this guy. If that wasn’t enough, he is the vocalist of the punk rock band called Former Lovers. It was formed only last year in London, where he currently resides with his wife Pippa Holland. In regards to his style, he has this love for 50’s style clothing normally worn with slick hair and an ‘I don’t give a damn’ cigarette hanging from his mouth. Jimmy is essentially what the fashion industry is going crazy for in terms of male models. Tattoos, beards, rugged, sexy cool attitude is what is ‘in Vogue’ and it shows a more real side of masculinity. This is a wonderful alternative to the unrealistic tanned, waxed and preened plastic models we see wandering down the runways. While these guys clearly look good and do a great job, it makes is us real guys aiming for an image that is otherwise unattainable or difficult to maintain. Jimmy shows how you can look super stylish, slick, and edgy without having to give too much of a damn about yourself image. He looks great, and takes it all in his stride. While writing this piece about Jimmy, has literally just made me realise how seriously I take my own sense of style. I have to look a certain way and I have to be in pristine condition before I leave the house. It would seem we could all do with a bit of Jimmy in us, me in particular. Style should be easy and you can wear what you want as long as you have the confidence to carry it well.

jimmyq 003

You don’t need to over think a complete look, if we are looking to emulate Jimmy in some way then the focus should be primarily on certain pieces that allow us to bring forth our inner ‘don’t give a damn’ style. In particular we have decided to focus on outerwear and boots, because from what we’ve seen these seem to be staple pieces that are perfect for looking a little cool and edgy.

Edgy Outerwear:

todd synder blend coatquilted balmain jacketsperforated sleeve blazer

faux fur coatswellington peacoatsbalmain cotton blend coat

sylvan coatscanali breasted peacoatbiker saint jackets

collarless quilted jacketshoward coatspanel dark red jackets

Bad Ass Boots:

brogue leather bootsplinth leather bootsbuckled leather boots

mass bootrutledge bootstrap boots

military black bootsbiker distressed bootsstrap distressed boots

chelsea black bootbuckle formal bootsdr martens boots


It doesn’t take much to be a little bad ass and to ease you into not taking yourself too seriously, in fact it may make your outfit selection a little easier in future. Take some of Jimmy’s style and work into your own look and see what it does for your style and your confidence. Be a little daring, wear something edgy, do something different with your hair and embrace your inner bad ass. Don’t forget, tattoos are optional.