Style Icon: Gregory Peck

The world of fashion is a fast paced business with new trends and styles being thrown at us at a remarkable rate. While womenswear trends differ most seasons, men’s trends have always managed to go back to the idea of classic menswear. While the world today is full of people some may consider style icons, there are many of us who like to look at classic icons of by gone eras for a classic take on men’s style. One such icon is Gregory Peck; a gent that many would consider a legend amongst Hollywood’s finest.

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Gregory Peck who was born on April 5th, 1916; never intended acting as his first choice of career. It was when he began studying pre-med at the University of California, that he discovered the world of acting. Bright lights and a bigger city pulled him to New York where his career would blossom into an eventual Oscar for his role of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Many of us also known him for his role in Audrey Hepburn’s debut film, Roman Holiday. Both of these films are just a couple of examples of Peck’s natural gift of performance.

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Regardless of the number of his films that you have or haven’t seen, one thing us undeniable and that is his sense of style. Whether on film or off camera, he always knew how to pull it together.

Sophisticated Style

One thing you have to give Peck credit for is his ability to carry off any style of suit or blazer. The formality of this style of outfit was always given extra cool and Gregory always knew how to carry a suit and not let it carry him. While the suit he wore in Roman Holiday may not be appealing for its use of a high waist trouser, many modern suits today still take the idea of well-cut tailoring very seriously.

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Blazers and shirts don’t always have to be worn with a tie, even though many of us here at MFM can’t resist the addition of a stylish piece of neckwear. When looking for formal pieces in the same vein as Gregory Peck, you must remember his sense of self and how dressing the part was just an extension of his personality.

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We always say to go for well-fitting pieces, really take your time to consider how things hang on the body and also take care when combining colours and styles. One thing you may or may not have noticed is that Peck was rather fond of suits and blazers that were textured or made from thick, hard wearing fabrics such as Tweed or a wool blend. These are great fabrics to keep an eye out for as they are considered classic and will never go out of style.

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Casual Cool

Even when dressing down, Mr Peck always managed to carry an air of sophistication around him and it was his confidence in his image that allowed to pull off many a different style. This is something to think of when you are not feeling so confident in your stylish abilities. Just think to yourself, ‘What would Gregory Peck do?’

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A few key pieces are popping up for AW14 and these include casual jumpers, simple shirts and even the odd checked style lumber jack shirt. These are all pieces that Peck has been seen wearing with finesse, and we feel it’s important to remember the idea of ease in simplicity. We never saw Gregory over think or overkill an outfit and it’s that laid back style that needs to be taken into account when looking for casual pieces.

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Simple pieces like this can be worn with tailored trousers, again don’t focus too much on formality but look for trousers that are textured or have some form of wool blend fabric to ease into the more casual side of sophistication.

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In The Style Of Gregory Peck

Even though many of his more iconic films were in black and white, you can guarantee that if Mr Peck were around today he would be embracing many of the autumnal tones and colours that are popping up around us. Embracing fashion should be about enjoying yourself and dressing for the person you are. This is advice that can be taken just from looking at the style of Mr Gregory Peck, he knew his style, shape and he clearly knew how to enjoy style.