Style Icon: Eddie Redmayne

“I’m quite ignorant about fashion and I’m colour blind, so it’s all a tad tricky. My only knowledge of that world comes through Christopher Bailey, whom I first met in 2008 when I did a campaign for Burberry that featured musicians, artists, actors and sportsmen. He has since become a real friend. Having someone who has great taste as my adviser is helpful.”

–       Redmayne

At first glance Eddie Redmayne couldn’t seem like a less likely candidate to be at the core of mens fashion industry, however behind his freckles. The unexpected model and fashionista Eddie Redmayne has proved his easy, slouch looks to be the biggest guide on how to wear fashion this season.

Edward John David “Eddie” Redmayne , born on January 6th 1982 has swiftly propelled into a very successful  actor and model who is recognized internationally. As the face of the Burberry Prorsum advertising campaign, with the model Cara Delevingne and the bright young actor whos latest roles were Colin Clark in My Week with Marilyn last year and Les Miserables as Marius Pontmercy this year.

“I am most comfortable wearing a suit. I come from a family of people who work in offices and get dressed in a suit to go to work. I wear jeans all the time except for when I’m doing period dramas so I quite like to put a jacket on. I wear suits by Burberry and McQueen, usually.”

Nothing about this man should work. From his bedhead styled hair, his slouchy; ‘just picked off of the bedroom floor’/ thrown on look, and his sultry atmosphere that is apparent from his expressions, could possibly be the description of a spotty 19year old student living. But for some unknown reason he pulls it off like no other.

The blatant intelligence he possesses and the mysterious charm is what makes, Eddie Redmayne an almost ambassador for his generation of the new British gentleman. Today, in fashion there’s nothing sexier than looking like you don’t care, creating effortless elegance.

His youthful looks and boyish physique enables him to pull off this jumble of stylistic looks. This renders him smoothly into a powerful style icon working in the industry today, because anyone can wear a wardrobe – it’s not too old or too young and it can be easily catered to yourself, your style preferences and your personality.

 In a recent interview with the Guardian he gave us a little insight into his personality through this short statement..

 ‘I’m trying to buy a house and set some sense of roots because otherwise you’re constantly chasing one job after another, and you look back and you’ve had all these very extraordinary experiences with extraordinary people, but there’s not a line of continuity to it.’

His style clearly reflects this really well, however the messy mixture somehow gets softened somehow and results into a nonchalant sleekness. If I had to sum up this style it would be Cool. Calm and Collected. Just be careful when trying to mimic this particular style of dressing; there’s a very very thin line between distressed and scruffy and it’s easier to get the latter of the two than the first. Although it looks relaxed and ‘thrown together’ it’s hard to pull off and easy to get wrong.

However there are many solutions that can help you on your way to getting it spot on…

  • Shop for distressed looked clothes unless your confident on customizing your own. Shops such as Allsaints, Firetrap, Vintage stores and Bolongaro and Trevor sell this off the rack, but Topman and River Island can also be good if you pick the pieces with the right look.
  • Layering fits this style perfectly just make sure the garments you choose complement one another rather than cause bulk.
  • Have a good, proper hair cut… visit a decent hairdresser. Even if you can’t afford it all the time. Go once get the advice you need and then you’ll know how to style it as it growing back or how to treat it when it’s had a standard cut.
  • Distressed doesn’t have to be limited to casual occasions as long as the right items are teamed together the fashion side is taken care of already so your free to change the style (within reason)
  • You’re still aloud to smile. – be confident in what you’re wearing.

Here’s some pieces Eddie will be proud of: