Style Icon: David Beckham

A man who’s face reflects an entire brand identity. The unmistakable style of David Beckham is known world wide, whether it’s for his serene casual ensembles or his pristine- iconic, gunmetal grey, three-piece suits.

Greatly known for his prestigious lifestyle and his ability to gain a following on any trend he sets, Beckham has always stood out as a man who creates his own style.  He’s another style icon that the women adore and the men strive to be.

Style isn’t about how many people follow a trend or what everyone is wearing this season or last season. It’s almost like a thread or grain that runs unfailingly through like a motif. Think of it in the sense that a company would in order to build a brand image. The way Chanel has connotations of old money, class, and monochrome, or Burberry does of Englishness and Heritage. If you hold a deep interest in the fashion industry you’ll find you’ll be drawn to clothes that reflect your personality quite well without fully realising your doing it. The rest; the hair, the accessories, the combination of garments is what transforms this into a ‘look’.

Although Beckhams style looks effortless, he thinks about what he wears, recognises what suits him and is sure about what he prefers.  – This proves to be a key to possessing your own style; the difference between being shown fashion and having style. Knowing what you like and how to wear it leads to confidence in how you look.  Becks holds a certain ‘panache’, an almost bond –like effect right through from the way he carries himself, the manner he portrays in public, the ‘family man image’ that cleverly conflicts with the racey underwear ads that he appears in often. To a woman his appearance in the public eye is, the perfect man.

Steve McQueen is my style hero. But Mick Jagger in the Sixties looked very cool. – Beckham

Sunglasses are one of his staples, as are all kinds of hats, belts, long woolly scarves, logoed sports T-shirts, man purses, and suits for red carpet appearances.

Be comfortable. But if you’re buying a suit, the cut and fit have to be perfect. – Beckham.

Adopting a willingness to wear items out of context, rotating your look regularly, and not being afraid to break all the style rules is the best way to have fun with clothing.

Beckham is a classic icon, the type that don’t come and go but stay around for years and are remembered for their influences in fashion like the Steve McQueens, the James Deans and the Cary Grants.

No wonder fashionable people everywhere admire David Beckham

The most common style mistake men make is wearing the wrong shoes.


Style tips – the David way:

  • Ask for advice and help. Sales assistants don’t bite (well half of them don’t) from my experience in retail I notice men don’t communicate, on average, as much in stores as women in do.  It’ll teach you how to shop.
  • Know your denim – Find what works for you in terms of fit, colour, and style.
  • Know where and what corners to skim- somethings work that are non- branded for menswear however others are more difficult to work with. For example; Basic tee’s , basic knitwear and accessories are much more flexible than footwear and jeans.
  • Be brand loyal but still take notice at what else is on the market – its good to have the stress free, old faithful’s, but its also good to try new directions.

Here are some products David Beckham would be proud of:

By Mel Sinclair