Stutterheim x Novesta: SS/22’s Shoe Collab of Dreams

The Spring Summer 2022 season just got a whole lot more interesting. Sweden meet Slovakia, and no, it isn’t football. Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim have announced an exciting new collaboration with the Slovakian heritage brand Novesta.

The two brands have released a collection of sneakers that are sure to already be in the baskets of any bleeding heart minimalist. Built around the iconic design of Novesta’s Star Master shoe but with a Swedish twist, the five styles of Haga Sneaker are partly inspired by military sports shoes. Each design features a chunky, 100% natural rubber sole, while the shoe’s body is made from 100% organic cotton canvas.

Coming in two variations – Tennis and High Top – and five colourways, you can kiss goodbye to your Gazelles this summer and get comfortable in a pair of Hagas.

I would go as far as to say that the Haga is a more mature version of the already popular Star Master. With subtle military-inspired detailing further playing into the workwear trend we have seen grow in popularity over the last couple of years, the Haga certainly feels like quite a masculine shoe.

Seeing these two brands who are both at the absolute top of their field, real masters of their crafts and industries, working together to make not only a fashionable, but also a functional piece, is very exciting. This is a collaboration that has created a really interesting collection and I hope to see more from these two brands working together in the future.

Written by Tom Loughran