Popular Student’s Looks of Summer 2016

A stylish youngster will always be in the center of attention, attracting every lady’s glance and encouraging girls to make the first move. There are several ways how to both look fashionable and not spend much money.

Students know it the best. Though you do not have to pay for college essay help now or spend money on materials for studying, it is obvious that in summer money is necessary for a good rest. Let us take a glance at the most popular looks for young men to dress in this hot summer season, which even a student can afford.

Color & Pattern Tendencies

There are several main clothing features that make this summer outfits unique. First of all, these are patterns: stripes and large scale images do not lose their popularity, but another interesting characteristic of this season’s clothes is a small size pattern of different forms and shapes. You can find shirts and even trousers with small animals or anchors spread all over the whole piece of fabric, and it will make you look not only cute but also fashionable.


Apart from the bright White, the Blue, that does not lose its top positions this season, acquires some shades of army green too. The color spectrum can vary between olive or dark bottle green, but, it will still strike the right balance with other neutral shades. Students’ wardrobe will definitely house some of such examples from the past, so to look nice it is enough to dive into the closet of yours or your friend.

Top 3 Outfits To Keep Up With Joneses

Though the assortment of men’s fashion is incredibly big, this season you do not need to reinvent the wheel, as there are three main types of outfits that will definitely allow you to keep up with the modern summer fashion. Accept a spend-not challenge, since, many of the trends below were used in previous seasons. Thus, you can maintain a fashionable look without difficulties.

Safari Style

This year, urban fashion has been again replaced by natural shading and fabrics. Designers return us to the fact that men’s wear should be, first of all, practical and functional. Military-inspired prints and colors appear on summer shirts and trousers. Wonderful field jackets, multi-pocket gilets, and vests would be useful in everyday life and combine well with khaki shorts, chinos or short sleeved shirts.



This trend in clothing was highly appreciated in 2015 and this year it continues to develop. It is perfect for modern students, as it combines comfort, natural fabrics, and functionality. Lightweight cotton and light nylon fabrics come great with a parka, sports trousers, or shorts. This year, designers impressed us even more with the combination of long jackets and tightened at the bottom trousers or leather shorts with zip pocket singlets.


Wide Leg Trousers

Though, it seems that jeans and trousers closely fitting your legs do not leave modern fashion market, more and more designers have a tendency to widen the trouser-legs for better ventilation during a summer heat. These trousers go in good combinations with almost any type of top clothes, so you can also try some capacious cut this summer. As loose trousers indeed used to be fashionable, your cool look may be created even by checking the sales or visiting the flea market.


Trendy Shoes Are A Key To Your Stylish Look

The best-sellers of previous seasons, like slip ones, espadrilles, and canvas sneakers are still in trend. They perfectly match a casual style and can compete with sandals in their comfort.

They don’t cost much and are preferred mostly by students. But the most important footwear for this summer is boat shoes. They have once been created for a slippery deck of ships and boats, and now gain popularity in business casual settings, or be your choice for a date or evening promenade.

They are incredibly comfortable, as they mold to the feet and look chic and elegant if combined properly. Even a young student can gain a classy look just by wearing an appropriate pair of shoes.


Must-have Accessories for 2016

Summer is exactly the season that allows wearing a variety of accessories for men. Moreover, they set the pace of your look, as with a small range of summer clothes types a perfect accessory will do its job. The first obligatory thing for a young man is, of course, glasses.

The colors in this season are more pastel and natural, including yellow, green, light shades of tiger or metal, while shapes are definitely various. There is one more good news, as such popular shapes as aviators or classic glasses are still in trend, so your old sunglasses still keep being popular.

Don’t forget that a cool watch and a belt also do justice to your summer look. The best choice is a canvas strap for your watch, that is washable, adding the texture, color and details to the outfit you wear. It can be made by yourself from a strap almost without any expenses.


Another piece that may introduce some texture and color to a solid color outfit is a belt. A webbed belt won’t make the look overloaded and can be of a single shade, strapped or patterned to match your style