If you’ve found yourself fixating on striped shirts lately, you’re not alone, maybe you’ve been drawn to the “shirts” section online or scrolling, and striped shirts have been reclaiming their place in the spotlight after spending some time in the background. Now, you have endless options to satisfy that craving: wear it unbuttoned over a long sleeve top, button it up under a suit, play with different button fastenings, roll up the sleeves, or dress it down for a casual look, the versatility is endless. Go for a solid coloured shirt if you want something simple and smart, and if you want to stand out, go bold with stripes-on-stripes, yes, you can mix a striped shirt with a striped suit, but don’t go anywhere near a striped tie, should you choose to do so, just ensure that you avoid pairing stripes of identical widths.

Now, let’s talk about incorporating stripes into your smart casual look, knits and t-shirts adorned with horizontal stripes strike the perfect balance between formal and relaxed. The timeless Breton stripe, in particular, adds a touch of rugged sophistication to any look, however, it’s crucial to dress according to your body type. Horizontal stripes are best suited for tall, slender figures, as they can accentuate the wrong areas on shorter or heavier frames, when it comes to shirting, opt for thin vertical stripes to exude effortless style. But we are not saying you should, but avoid wider stripes, as they tend to detract from the overall aesthetic. If you want to look a little bit more posh, consider a shirt that combines stripes of varying weights and colours, vertical stripes work wonders in creating the illusion of height and a streamlined silhouette.

For the more adventurous fashion enthusiasts, why not experiment with striped trousers? While this bold choice requires confidence and careful outfit coordination, it can elevate your smart casual game to new heights. Just remember to balance out the statement piece with complementary elements for a cohesive and polished look. In essence, mastering the art of incorporating stripes into your smart casual attire involves understanding your body type, selecting the right patterns, and maintaining a harmonious balance between formality and relaxation. 

So in short, stick to blue and white stripes for that timeless, classic appeal, it’s a fail-safe choice that never goes out of style and when it comes to your beach ensemble, opt for either striped shorts or a striped t-shirt, but not both. Retro print shirts often feature bold designs, such as large florals and animal illustrations, that command attention, to steer clear of resembling an overly enthusiastic primary school teacher, it’s best to leave these shirts untucked. Period.With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the world of smart casual with confidence and flair, stripes and the beach go hand in hand like sand and surf, with their nautical vibes, they effortlessly evoke the laid-back atmosphere of coastal living to city life.