Mastering the art of wearing and styling loafers like a young king requires no loafing about, that’s for sure! This year, penny loafers are stepping into the spotlight as the new go-to slip-on shoe. Versatile, stylish, and comfortable, they’re the perfect addition to any wardrobe, offering a timeless yet modern touch to any outfit.

The snaffle loafer, also known as the Gucci Loafer, has a standout feature: a golden brass strap shaped like a horse’s snaffle bit across the front. Gucci also transformed the traditionally brown loafer into black, giving it the proper formality to pair with suits. Apron loafers also referred to as moc toe loafers, this design creates a stitching line that gives the illusion of a subtle “crease” between the top of the toe and the bottom, adding character to the footwear. And as classic as they come, the penny loafer features a leather strap across the shoe’s top, sporting a diamond-shaped slot perfectly sized to hold a small coin. 

Mastering the art of wearing loafers is more than just having them in your collection. It’s about infusing your style with flair and confidence.

Loafers are versatile enough to replace nearly any other shoe in your casual style, giving your look some sophistication. Pair casual loafers with denim or khakis, and go sockless with shorts when the weather warms up and then for a more  laid-back vibe, opt for jeans and a t-shirt combination or iff you aim for a more refined appearance, pair your loafers with a shirt and chinos for a touch of class.

Loafers with jeans have long been our favourite as they allow you to still wear your favourite denim in a more fashionable and dressier way. Don’t worry about the fashion rules, our long advice is to ensure the length of your denim is shorter, as excessively long and baggy jeans will look horrific with loafers. Ripped, selvedge, and washed jeans are all viable options as well, so choose contrasting colours and ensure the top half complements the bottom half, which means no sportswear on top.

 And lastly, loafers are a timeless choice to pair with a suit. Ensure your trouser length hits just at the ankle for a polished look. Now, onto the sock debate. Fashion rules are meant to be bent, if not broken entirely, and choosing to wear socks with loafers ultimately boils down to personal taste. Like pocket squares, it’s all about what feels suitable for you. The sockless trend has been gaining traction lately, so feel free to go barefoot if the weather and occasion permit.

The pairing of the loafers and blazer look strikes the perfect balance between smart and casual. Whether it’s a single or double-breasted blazer, you’ll find that both styles complement loafers beautifully, regardless of whether you choose jeans, trousers, or chinos. Pay attention to trouser length and colour coordination to ensure a cohesive look. To maintain the right level of sophistication without going overboard, opt for a fitted t-shirt to accompany the blazer.

Warm summer evenings and gatherings call for the timeless pairing of chinos and loafers. For their versatility, Blue, cream, and khaki chinos are popular choices among men. While brighter-coloured trousers can make a statement, they may restrict the options for matching loafers. Complete your look by pairing the chinos with a crisp or casual polo shirt, adding a belt for a polished touch. Embrace the laid-back vibe by opting to go sockless. 

Enjoy the summer vibes, guys!