SteamCream Will Make Your Skin The Best You’ve Ever Known.

SteamCream Will Make Your Skin The Best You’ve Ever Known.

Luxury skincare with beautiful unique packaging. SteamCream believes that skin care should be simple, using high quality environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Handmade by craftsmen in Japan using a unique steam emulsification method, in which the emulsion step is water-based and oil-based, refined water is input after being steamed with high temperature, and then the emulsion is processed. 

Skin Gelee 

A water-based semi-gold gel that has the texture of jelly, but when worked into the skin, transforms into liquid that feels exactly like a cool shot of water. This amazing little bottle of Skin Gelee leaves your skin feeling mattified rather than sticky after use.

You can use this gelee on virtually any part of your body and get that shot of hydration that will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines! That’s a plus for any girl!

And with the summer sun out, it’s great for extra hydration for dry skin, takes away that shiny face and even better, soothes sunburn. In fact, you can use it all year round. Like magic in a bottle!

Also, great when you’re reapplying makeup, it’ll help your shiny face and give your skin a shot of hydration! Soothe a flushed face or post exercise, help your face after mask-wearing, and great for your scalp after you’ve been in the sun all day!

When it comes to you guys, it’ll hydrate your face too!

SteamCream UV SPF30 Moisturiser Plus

This moisturiser comes in a pretty little tin, and inside is a little bit of heaven. It’s as they say, ‘gentle on your skin, tough on UV’. So you get the best of both, gorgeous luxurious 

SteamCream UV SPF30 Moisturiser Plus, with added broad-spectrum SPF 30, that will give you protection from the ageing and skin-damaging effects from UV rays.

So what about this wonderful cream? It’s perfect as your first contact on your face, the airy texture of the cream glides beautifully over your face and sinks into your skin straight away, reviving, hydrating and delicate enough not only for your face, without the residue left by sunscreens. It will also form a perfect base for foundation or or just when you want to go au-natural make-up free. You can also use it on your hands and the rest of your body too!

All the Protect lines help to defend your skin against 3 known causes of skin damage: UV rays, heat and the external environment.

Luxury skincare with unique packaging

SteamCream comes in beautiful limited aluminium tins in a variety of artistic designs. The designs on the tins change frequently, so once they are gone, they are gone forever! How collectable will these beautiful tins become?

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