Stance believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice self-expression for the sake of functionality or craftsmanship.  Our philosophy is that everything you wear should be a direct extension of who you are and how you feel. An  amplifier of your unique energy. A point of view that’s reflected in our product from toe to head. Innovative  materials, unparalleled comfort and colourful constructions that are built to last. Ours is an open invitation to  embrace a life of creativity and confidence. We are Stitched Different™. 


London (February, 2023) – Stance has joined forces with iconic British photographer, Ewen Spencer to celebrate  self-expression and the ultimate subculture constant, an ICON, the humble white sock! The ICON sock has been  adopted by many subcultures and has transcended decades of style, remaining one of the few consistent  wardrobe items to remain relevant. 

With millions sold worldwide, Stance has taken the humble white sock to the next level, by crafting them with a  premium combed cotton, seamless toe closure, targeted cushioning & arch support for ultimate comfort, meaning  the Stance ICON’s are your all-day, everyday essential & the ultimate canvas for self-expression. 

The Stance ICON campaign celebrates a variety of subcultures and is shot and directed by legendary British  photographer, Ewen Spencer who shines a light on some of the many subcultures and fashions that are  synonymous with the white ICON sock. 

Ewen Spencer has been behind the lens for some of the most iconic cultural moments and campaigns over the  last 30 years. With photography largely centred around youth and subculture across focal points moving between  style, culture and music, Ewen’s work has been fundamental in documenting the subcultures which inspired this  campaign. 

By unlocking the creative potential of a canvas too often overlooked, Stance ICON’s embrace individuality,  movement and self-expression. We are Stitched Different®. 

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