SS14 Trends: White Out

You make think it premature to be even thinking about the trends for the impending spring and summer, but as I look out the window I am reminded of how awful the weather is at the moment. The folks here at MFM like you guys are all anticipating the chance of sunshine and warmth. Everything in fashion works in advance so we already are aware of the trends that we are already excited to rock right off the runway.

Depending on what time of year I am asked, my season of preference often changes. During a sweltering summer, autumn is my season of choice, and once the endurance of a difficult winter is in its coldest point, spring becomes the season that is most highly anticipated.

Blinding White

So if you are a gent of a particularly clumsy disposition then we suggest you either work on your hand-eye coordination or at least avoid the most noticeable trend to come off the catwalks this season. White is back and after a bleak winter it seems to have gotten brighter, if that were at all possible. A bright white suit is going to be an essential piece of your sartorial kit this summer, as is a professional handling of coloured drinks and foods.

White 001

However, all white outfits are a strong feature this season but we have also noticed an influx of colourful accents in the form of pastel accessories as seen at Jil Sander or statement shoes seen in the collections of Ports 1961 and Berluti.

Favoured Collections

While the white trend may appear to be a simple one, there are a few designers / brands who have incorporated this look into certain outfits in their collections. While they may not have entire collections based around the colour white, they are showcasing how it will be embraced when the sun beats down a little more heat upon our stylish bodies.

Ports 1961 SS14 Menswear

The collection from Ports 1961 in its entirety seems to take influence from this idea of a summer at the Hampton’s with a hint of a Gatsby perspective. The white looks however seem to give off a fresh sense of new, crisp and clean tailoring suitable for any summer soiree or summer white ball. There are some great white pieces but also some slightly off white pieces to take it down a notch for those of us who aren’t quite ready for in your face white.

White 002

The trousers look to be made with a luxurious intent, in shades of off white and subtle browns and mochas to enhance the white pieces within the collection. Added into the mix are some great men’s accessories including this white bag and even the amazing statement shoes we can see in these images.

Berluti SS14 Menswear

The time period of inspiration for this collection and these looks in particular seem to be from a summer time during a Victorian period between 1910 and 1920. One look in particular looks like the outfit Bert wore when he jumped into the chalk drawing with Mary Poppins.

White 003

It’s a wonderfully dapper use of the white trend and it will work well in spring and summer, obviously the outfit translation doesn’t have to be a literal one many of these collections are showcasing outfits with many transferable and transitional pieces. There is also a wonderfully used accent of colour which helps lift the outfit, and shows that you can alter the looks to suit your style and colour tastes.

Dolce & Gabbana SS14 Menswear

Quite clearly the kings of Italian style know how to work a white trend into their summer collections. Dolce & Gabbana have always known how to create luxurious, stylish and sexy menswear to make you look your best. Never behind on any style, they always create pieces that you really won’t see elsewhere.

White 004

The white pieces in particular are sophisticated works of fashion art, with a crisp white suit featuring prominently in the collection, alongside classic Italian styled white shirt with complimentary coffee and mocha toned trousers, belt and footwear. One of my favourite pieces has to be this white Harrington style jacket in the centre that features an Italian style art print of what appears to be some form of (I’m guessing) Italian architecture.

Whiter Than White

In preparation for SS14, we have been looking around for certain white pieces we feel would be a great way to kick off your introduction into the white trend. Not only have we found some amazing pieces, but we may or may not have depressed ourselves with the realisation that there may be a slight wait until we see any real sun. But with the white trend having a foundation of colours that accent the looks and styles, means that if you want to you can start slowly transitioning white pieces into your current wardrobe.

This winter has been all about colour so why not slowly dissolve those colours by adding a hint or two of some luxurious white or even ‘off-white’ garments. Take note that white is a very plain colour, so when looking for pieces try to find some that are more interesting with the inclusion of certain details or prints.

cotton neck jumperoxford solid shirtcanvas chino

merino wool turtleneckwhite statue teecream patch sweater

stone skinny trouserscream suit jackethooded logo sweatshirt

white tux jackettux white trouserssingle cuff shirt

cream polo shirtcotton jersey cardiganann cotton blazer

slim leg chinoshoneycomb knitaran shawl cardigan

sweater in whitecavendish in bunnywashed chino trousers

Whites Out

So there you have an excellent selection of pieces that are available right now for you to begin implementing the white trend, with a few colour accents thrown in for good measure. Coordination is key, and we are talking about your beverage handling as well. While it’s cold and horrid outside, you might as well stay in, stay warm and shop in anticipation of the glorious white spring and summer that we are all looking forward too.