SS14 Trend: Long Coats

They say that you can tell whatever is going on in the world just by looking at fashion, and if this trend says anything it looks like our summer isn’t going to be as promising as the season normally implies. As always our faith in our gold old fashioned British weather is something that is never really there. It would seem that the designers are somewhat lacking in faith to as one of the big trends that seems to be coming our way for SS14 is long coats.

long 001

A long coat in summer sounds like an odd concept but when you take into account the climate then you will see why this piece of clothing is a good option. Firstly, it’s an ‘easy on’, ’easy off’ option that will allow you to transition easily between hot and cold should the weather suddenly change. Many of the long coats that have been designed are lightweight and un-cumbersome, meaning you won’t be weighed down with masses of fabrics and layers.

Style & Colour

The way to wear this piece of menswear is simple, and the suggestions from the catwalk must be taken into consideration. It would seem that the best way to utilise this trend is to wear the coat lose and open, which will avoid getting hot whilst at the same time maintaining ones sense of style. The tailoring on these coats is kept simple and effortless meaning that, should you wish too, you can belt it for a more slim line finish around the body.

long 002

The colour palette is something that we always look forward to finding out, because colour is essentially a necessity for spring and summer. As expected there are lighter shades and pastel tones which keep things fresh, light and airy. Yet, many colours from winter seem to have jumped on board to add a bit of a colourful change in honour of the sun’s appearance. Dark navy is back; as is a few other darker shades of blue, maybe denim will hit the big time again. There are red’s and deep oranges that is a popular colour palette right now, so it would seem that summer is expecting to host some warmer, deeper shades this time around.

long 003

As always in the tradition that we call ‘Burberry’, there is still an influx of beige’s, tan’s and neutral shades we associate with the British heritage brand. The colours may sound dull, but when paired with a selection of shades and tones from the exciting SS14 colour palette, can be lifted to a more exciting fashionable level.

Purchase Over Priority

We found it particularly handy for those of us who have already bought investment coats, because there is the possibility that they may transition effortlessly into next season. However, as you already know, we are a team of shoppers and fashion addicts so even the mere thought of online shopping had our fingers twitching as we edged towards the mouse clicker. As you guessed it, here are some of our favourite coats, some of which may or may not be already on the way to our doors.

green deansgate parkacamouflage parkaportland short parka

double breasted coatblue marl coatcotton rain coat

breasted trench coatnavy zip coatsingle trench coat

full length coatwoven linen overcoatorchid check coat

stockholm raincoatgreen single coatlightweight zip coat

gabardine trench coatstanhope coatlightweight overcoat


We are always fond of new trends, and with every trend that arrives we manage to stop a trickle of last season’s styles making their way into the next season’s fashionable stockpile. What’s great about the long coat is that it is an effortless piece to wear, which will be great for those of us who don’t like a lot of fuss. So it looks like it’s going to be a long coat summer, with not much need to go in the shade.