SS14 Trend: Bomber Jackets

Unsurprisingly one of the biggest and hardest hitting trends this season is a contemporary take on the iconic bomber jacket. Explored over past seasons by numerous designers and brands, this statement garment has been propelled into the forefront of 21st century fashion. Leading by example and exploring the beauty of modern sportswear and utility.

Back Then…

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This garment historically dates back to World War 1; nicknamed the “Flight Jacket” this garment was essentially designed to keep military pilots warm in un-enclosed cockpits of the plane. Traditionally leather and sheepskin aviator styles were created for wear in cold climates. Through time and the modernization of fabrics & technology, this garment was updated in the later years with silk nylon material.

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Often presented in olive green, navy blue and black; this style jacket was adopted by many fashion subcultures in the 60’ and 70’s by Mods and Skinheads. The classic zip utilitarian style with puffed sleeves and minimalist pocket detailing instantly appalled to youth groups, citing its heritage as a statement piece. Timeless and versatile, this jacket was often emblazoned in embroidered patches, inspired by flight club badges of the World War 1 era.

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Modern Day

The evolution of the bomber jacket in the 21st Century has been reworked and altered to suit the fast changing trends and fashion demands of our time. Designers this season have produced a vast array of jackets that explore the use of surface design, print, pattern and the juxtaposition of high quality fabrics.

No longer a one-dimensional trend; with so many variations of casual, formal and sportswear; the list of options to shop is endless. Jersey, cotton and wool along with embellishments have transformed this statement piece into a multi-functional piece of outerwear.

Street Style

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* Matt from Bucket and Spades

The reaction to this garment on the streets has been explosive and forward thinking. From plain styles to floral and reclaimed vintage, the beauty of this jacket is you can wear it in your own unique way.

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From waxed, brocade, suede, metallic, satin and high shine fabrics the simplistic style of the jacket can combine almost any material into its streamlined design. It blurs a fashion line between the American Varsity jacket and the classic Aviator.

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Sleek and refined; designers are always finding new means to present current trends to us on a grand scale;

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Richard Nicoll’s SS14 collection explored the effortlessly cool bomber/varsity jacket incorporating metallics, earthy tones as well as monochrome. His cut and construction of garments was seamless with emphasis on exaggerated shapes in high quality fabrics.

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Missoni showcased the bomber jacket in a new light for SS14, transforming its classic style into bespoke and intricate printed knitwear. Colours were warm and bore a safari chic appeal, giving a casual edge to a daily look.

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Hermes took a minimalist approach to translating the bomber into Spring and Summer wear. Exquisite workmanship combing traditional methods with the addition of leather and cotton worked well throughout the smart/casual collection.

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How To Wear

With so many styles out there you won’t be stuck for options, gracing the catwalks and shops this staple has big things set for summer. Incredibly functional, the bomber can be worn to a number of functions and occasions. Depending on your personal styles and what you enjoy wearing day-to-day, this garment could be your new perfect accompaniment to day-wear over the weekend or even for attire on your way to work. Whatever the weather be sure to find something tailored to your style requirements.

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MFM take a look at some of the best product picks of the most sought after jacket this season…

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Looking for your ideal bomber jacket may seem a mammoth task, as there’s so much choice; but guaranteed it will be a fun shopping trip! Here at MFM we know the importance of selecting new trend pieces, and getting things just right. This trend is very compromising and can be worn with ease. We hope you have enjoyed our introduction to this new investment, key piece and have provided you with some considerable options. Enjoy shopping!