Sprezzatura: Dress like an Italian

There is a reason why the Italians are called sharp dressers, it’s all in their effortless way of looking sharp but in a very casual and laid back way. Their focus is on the clothes themselves, the fabrics, the styles, the quality and the ‘Made in Italy ‘ tag is very much synonymous with the craftsmanship and with nothing more at their disposal than great clothes, their very enviable self-assurance and Italian swagger.

Sprezzatura is a word for effortless dressing, and that’s what sets the Italians apart, they don’t care about their linen suits being crumpled,  and this is where the British guys would be more fixated on lookin sharp, they probably would be appalled by ‘the wrinkles’ that are an integral part of wearing linen and cotton, and for the Italians are pretty relaxed about that or their hats being on a rakish slant or their obsession with over-layering. The Italian men are indeed, very recognisable, it’s their typical classic style.

Let’s start with the hat: Sprezzatura comes in with the appearance of the hat: Italian menlove a good Fedora, and the appearance should look as it is, used, valued and even sometimes a little crumpled. The Italian  love their hats, all summer and indeed through to the latter months if the weather is warm, hats dominate the heads of Italian men everywhere. To get the rakish look, don’t wear it straight, wear it to one side.

Suits are one of the major styles of Italian men, but how do they wear them so well? How do they get that distinctly Italian look, put all together like a careless but artfully styled. They wear great suits because they are gentlemen and also to ensure that their style is imperfect that will make the Italian styling seem easy.

Sometimes the suits are slim fit and impeccable in colours, lapels, buttons and patterns. 

You will see so many times that the suit jackets are then worn with jeans and maybe a waistcoat, they are carefully crafted and adapted to the body and the character of the guy who is wearing it. Others will wear suits that are much looser, laid back, unconstructed and perfect for the warmer climes, still tailored but not overly slim. It will give the man who is wearing it a real sense of nonchalance, rather than a suit that is constrained. 

And finally what do the Italian men wear off-duty? How do they add that touch of Italian swagger to one’s personal off-duty style? Fabric and colour choices that the Italian men deploy to achieve their winning looks. They are never away from the linen shirt, either  done up with tailored trousers or all the buttons undone with a pair of shorts and Birkenstocks, they don’t really care, as long as they feel great.

Field jackets as a layering over cashmere sweater, worn with tie front linen trousers, or white trousers as they are the summer staple for the Italian man, they are the perfect colour that will go with any one of their bright peacock jackets, it’s one way to give give a cooler climate that summer vibe.

There is a lot you can learn from the world’s most stylish nation.