We’re typical guys who love jeans, so we were looking for a new pair that will serve us well, as the lines between walking the streets to work, shopping or pub or getting to the office, or doing the athletic thing of riding my bike, my everyday jeans need to do more than ever before.

We chose to test the Spoke Storm Commuter 12 oz dark rinse jeans. So here’s what we think. They are a pair of jeans with a crazy good fit. You can never go wrong with the most versatile leg-wear you can have hanging in your wardrobe, intentionally and masterfully walking the line between smart and casual.

Coated in space-age water repellent nano-tech, which encourages liquid drops to roll off your jeans, perfect for those days when I’m out walking or biking to work. I mean, what’s not to love about that! Also coming in with some stretch, they give me a great fit, especially as we have a little more muscular legs and having some ‘give’ will make them age better that way. 

So  if you’re an avid bike rider like me, then you should seriously think about choosing these jeans, man, they are super bike friendly.

Coming in with a host of bike ready details, as Spoke says, you can attach a bike lock holder at the waistband. Nifty, if you fancy a pint at the local pub and need to lock the bike, and also the jeans have turn ups that have hi-vis soI can always be sure that you’re seen in the dark, on the way home.

These jeans have everything you need for you serious denim lovers and guys like us. So the next best thing is buying them ready-made ‘as if’ they’re your very own beloved pair.
These are not ordinary jeans, but probably the best jeans that money can buy right now. Check them out here: