Ready to take the plunge, set your watch to the 70s

Some of you were born in the 70s, some of you had great times in the 70’s and most of us want to go back to the 70s. 70s watches are probably the forgotten iconic era of watch styles where heroic manly men raced round Formula One racetracks and others swam in the depths of the ocean.

There are some watches that don’t keep your attention, and then there are watches. You don’t need a watch that is just a timekeeper. You need a watch that tells the world what kind of man what kind of man you are – one who cares about tradition, craftsmanship, and time well spent.

The Spinnaker Dumas takes us back to days when the 70s watches were equal parts sporty and chunky, where that era did make the most masculine and sportiest watches to date.

Inspired by watch shapes and designs of the 1970s, it takes its name, not surprisingly from the world famous diving pioneer Frédéric Dumas Born in 1913, he was a champion swimmer at a young age, a free diving legend before scuba, adventurous, as he did the initial testing of the AquaLung after it’s invention in1943 by Jaques Cousteau. 

The Spinnaker Dumas watch comes with a smart retro aesthetic, and a 300-metre water resistance, and features a leaning towards a more interesting industrial like form, with it’s octagonal watch chassis topped with mineral crystal 120 click unidirectional turning bezel with luminous calibrations, sapphire lens with anti-reflective coating, and topped off with a  band, that’s 22mm hexagonal shaped link bracelet. And each edge of each link is precisely chamfered and assembles into a bracelet that mirrors the strong geometry of the Dumas Case.

A precise, workhorse NH35 TMI Seiko automatic self-winding movement sits inside the Dumas, offering time and date read out and a pretty cool look on the exhibition caseback where the inner mechanics are visible. Spinnakers have added something ineffable, too. Something worth keeping, and has more value to you than merely knowing what time it is.

There’s still no app for eternal style, and nothing captures the classic appeal of 1970s watches like these from Spinnaker Watches. These vintage-inspired timepieces have become more popular over time, they don’t just look good, they look good with everything you pair them against from your wardrobe, from office-ready suits to your favourite weekend off-duty look.

Coming with a choice of four dials, Bordeaux, Tangerine, Sahara and Blue Yonder,  they’ll be one colour that’ll be your favourite!

So we hope this has helped you take the plunge, dive in and give yourself a truly memorable watch, one that you can pass on for generations.

The watches are available online at Spinnaker-watches.co.uk