3 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

It’s very easy for romance to fade as relationships develop, with that ‘flame’ often slowing fading.

A night of passion can quickly turn into TV then bed, nights alone and even sleeping in separate rooms.

But what can you do to spice things up in the bedroom?

If romance in the bedroom is non-existent in your relationship these 3 suggestions can help spice things up in the bedroom.

Take The TV Out

Be honest, do you watch TV in bed?

Your bedroom should be used for the two S’s, sleep and… you know the second one.

We’re very quick to turn our bedrooms into home cinemas, libraries and even restaurants but all of these distractions can impact our sleep and our romance.

The environment is extremely important so taking the TV out will put more emphasis back onto romance.

If you’re a couple that watches TV in bed, falls asleep and repeats the same process every night it might be time to remove the distraction.

Take the TV out.


Role Play

As men visual stimulation is important. Even if we don’t like admitting it to our other half’s we like to see things that please us.

In a recent survey men claimed they discovered a new spark of interest when their partners changed their appearance. The issue with this is telling your partner to change her look isn’t going to go down well.

Introduce role play into the relationship, making more time for date nights and applying a conscious effort to spice things up.

From dressing up to pretending like you don’t know each other on a date, role play is a rekindle the romance. It could be as simple as changing appearance through new hair, new clothes and new environment.

However strange it might feel at first after a while it can dramatically help take the relationship back to the beginning, back to when the flame was sparking bright.

Set The Mood

This is very similar to the first suggestion, hinting that environment really is important when spicing things up in the bedroom.

If the environment isn’t right it’s really going to be difficult for you and your partner to get in the mood (more your partner probably)

When was the last time you applied a conscious effort and laid candles out?

When was the last time you played your favourite song?

When was the last time you cooked a meal for your partner, poured her numerous glasses of wine and told her how she makes you feel?

As men we can often become lazy and expect to get what we want when we want.

Step it up and set the mood and that romance may rekindle.


Your Turn

So there we have it, 3 ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

From taking the TV out of your bedroom to role play and wearing a wig to change appearance, give them a go and see how they help.

Remember it’s important to stay consistent, one night of romance isn’t going to make up for years of distance.

What will you try?