Spend Less, Get More With Wontag Watches

Watches are very personal things. It’s an accessory that you have with you all day, every day; so we don’t blame you when you wish to return the two-tone metal one your Aunt May got you for your 40th birthday to the local supermarket.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all watches must cost you a fortune. We’d much rather you sport an inexpensive, albeit stylish watch than consider raiding the bank, or your child’s piggy bank!

Here we will look at a number of different ways on how you can get your hands on a great watch without having to set up a second mortgage. Style needn’t cost lots of money, especially when you compare a wardrobe essential to a flashy watch that is expensive and may be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Who, Where & What To Look For

Don’t let budget get in the way of living your best life. Money can’t buy you class or style, so get that idea out of your thoughts right now.

At MFM, we aim to elevate you, your mindset, and build on what you already have; it’s not about becoming somebody you’re not by going after materialistic things. Yes, most guys’ wardrobes probably feature some designer labels, or that Wontag watch you couldn’t live without. And that’s okay! But the mentality of chasing labels shouldn’t shape your views toward fashion, style and the choices of others.


There is something to be said for pulling an outfit together and finishing it off with a modest pocket square, or a watch that tells the time without receiving social media posts and scaring you with unhelpful health updates every ten seconds (don’t worry if you haven’t walked 10,000 steps today, you won’t drop down dead before finishing this article!)

Look Around

For us, it might be worth looking at your wardrobe and base your choice of watch(es) around that. If you opt for casual or sportswear most days,  perhaps consider choosing a watch that can be shaped around this style.

However, if you have a job or lifestyle that demands a shirt and tie, pull the look together with a metal-strap watch to elevate your look toward the formal end of things; and then for lunch with friends and on weekends, a leather-strap watch to keep the look easy and breezy.

You know what you’re looking for, but where do you look? If you want, try the high street or google the style you want. It’s sometimes a good idea to look at designer labels to see a range of styles, and then factor in what you see to department stores or smaller shops and boutiques. That way, you can see what is on the market without feeling the pressure to then pay the big bucks for a watch that may, or may not, be designed and made with the care and attention you deserve.

Simple Is Beautiful & Versatile

Recently, we have been mightily impressed with lots of new and upcoming accessory brands. So if you still are unsure about where to look and, we are excited to share with you Wontag Watches.

A brand that sought out to make high quality watches at an affordable price. Founded in 2017, Wontag Watches was inspired by Venice, the Italian costal town from which we borrow spirit and a minimalist mindset.

What makes Wontag Watches so special, you ask? These watches have been created by an invaluable guiding principle: good design for better living.

wontag watch

What we are seeing is a brand that offers Automatic Movement watches at an affordable price, something simply that is difficult to find on the market. An automatic (or self-winding) watch is a mechanical watch in which the mainspring is wound automatically as a result of the natural motion of the wearer to provide energy in order to run. Fancy, eh?

And as we mentioned before, this certainly doesn’t equate money to quality. The key for this brand lies in its simplicity, capturing only what’s truly essential; a great-looking design and trustworthy function. The products are understated and, therefore, are suited to any time of day. What could be better than day-wear transitioning to night-time wear? No need to buy multiple watches now.

What’s more, you aren’t paying for the branding, marketing etc. that gets absolved in to the price tags of most high-priced watches.

Here, you’re paying for quality, functionality and a minimalism that is hard to escape in the commercialist era that we find ourselves surrounded by today.

Time’s Up

It’s time to stop thinking that only other people can wear nice things. Because there’ll always be someone with more money, but doesn’t mean that they dress and accessorise better than you; heck, they might not be able to tell the time and rely only on the digital clock (not cool!)

What you have is something much more valuable: knowledge. Knowledge is key to style so you’re already on to a winner. Just take these simple steps to help you find the watch that best fits your personality.

Like we said, a watch can be a very personal thing to your day-to-day style, and with a brand like Wontag Watches providing us all with maximum style at low, affordable costs, then why aren’t we all Wontag men?

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