SOPOPULAR AW14 Collection

Berlin men’s label SOPOPULAR redefines men’s current fashion, and embraces the urban nature of menswear aesthetic. Designer Daniel Blechman, who also co-founded the brand, creates pieces which are distinctive and heavily influenced by culture, architecture and music.

Now reaching a landmark of ten years, SOPOPULAR has decided to reprise eighteen looks from their past collections. Collection ‘X’ debuted during Berlin’s Fashion Week aiming to celebrate the brands success so far. However Blechman also introduced some new futuristic designs into collection ‘X’, proving to further push boundaries.

The collection consisted of new takes on tailored trousers, jackets and coats. Blechman reformed the classic take on these garments. The trousers can be seen to follow the Marlene – style trouser which accentuates the models legs. The jackets and coats were formed into a cape and incorporated the army style.

His Autumn/Winter 14 collection played with texture, incorporating leather and knitwear together. The colour palate remained true to the traditional warm tones, focusing more on black and grey hues. The collection ended with some leather pieces that Marina Hoermanseder created for SOPOPULAR. The leather epaulette harness design enhanced the collection and showed off its versatility, giving an insight into what the label will bring to the next season.

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