Hats are tricky at the best of times, but if you really feel like it, you’ll have a legitimate excuse for getting away wearing one. Namely the sun. Summer is coming so what about a hat in the warmer months? So we are here to show you a few hats that you could wear on your head as the nights stay lighter and how to wear them, whatever your style. You can wear any hat that suits your face, from straw hats, stetsons  and any other you want to wear as a topper. So what hats could you wear in the summer months? What type of hats will not only keep your head looking great whatever the weather throws at you. 

The pork pie was made cool to wear by many famous men and if you mean to make a fashion statement and let everyone know you mean business this is the hat for you. So it’s a great way to channel that inner 50s style with a very classic trilby or even go for the much more modern-day fedora, even if you’re a modern day hipster go the pork pie hat.  Whatever your style of headwear, make sure that it never has more character than you.

Pork Pie hats are well suited to a smarter look as it can add a classic feel to your sharper outfits, they will look great in any season, even summer, perfectly paired with a polo shirt and chinos, as many of you guys will know this look. It the classic mods that merge with the modern day man

Pork pie hats usually look great to that smarter look and can give you a much more classic feel to suits or jackets and tailored trousers and will certainly add that finished look.

The trilby hat or the Frank Sinatra hat as it’s sometimes commonly called is a much smaller version of the fedora, but has a slightly different tweak, namely that the brim curls up at the back of the hat and goes down in the front. This little had kind of faded from popularity in the 70s and popped right up again in the 90s when they were worn on stage with bands and cheeky musicians. It’s easy to wear with jeans, tee and a bomber jacket as with a pair of shorts and t-shirt, polo shirt or casual sweatshirt and pristine sneakers.

The Fedora hat is worn by many Italian men, it finishes off their outfits from linen shirts and tailored trousers, to suits and loafers, and when the weather heats up shorts, it has become the perfect all rounder for really, whatever you want to wear. The fedora is defined by a soft brim and the crown will be indented. Winter fedoras are cut from felt and summer ones are usually in straw. They are much wider than a trilby, so great for covering up your face from the summer sun, and if you’re into cowboy boots and fringe shirts, the hat will give you a western vibe.

The bucket hat is probably worn by most guys at some stage or other, teenagers being one age group and musicians seem to love them. They look great with everything casual, jeans and tee, shirts and linen shirt, chunky coat when the weather is chilly and great for a day fishing! 

The hat world is open to you.