Solebox Opens New Store In Berlin With Robot

Best known for their sneakers, men’s fashion brand, Solebox, has opened a new store in Berlin which puts their innovative way of treating footwear on show. The space, designed by the firm Metrofarm sticks to the clean, sheik feeling of the company and keeps it mainly white with multiple layers for us fashion enthusiasts to walk around in awe.

solebox 1

Solebox, centring around the premise that men’s footwear should be treated with care – even those that are battered ergo sneakers – puts the robotic, Solebot at its focus. The robot is the company’s first and shows the birth of their boutique affair, taking their company into another dedicated direction.

solebox 2

The new space’s use of the colour white shows off the feeling of treating it like a lab. With Solebox, the sneakers are reformed and taken care of – much like in a lab – and the clean floors and walls taps into that feeling. We, as fashion enthusiasts and hungry, avid fans of seeing something new are welcomed into this lab and play host to the experimentations going on before us. Then, to make matters better, we get to buy them.

solebox 3

The new store sees old favourites on sale – NIKE, Reebox, Adidas, New Balance and ASICS – as well as the opportunity to witness innovation. So when you’re on your business trip and need an outlet, head over and see the new store, prepare to be amazed.