Socks or Sockless – With or without in your shoes in the summer?

Does anyone still wear socks? Well the answer is…..they seem to have disappeared from the nation’s feet. But is wearing shoes without socks a recurring dilemma while the sockless trend continues. Maybe there is no God, the days of ‘sun’s out, ankles out’ has now become, literally a year-round phenomenon, It’s no longer a passing whim, but there still seems to be a bit of a divided on whether you should go sockless or not.

Not every guy is partial to wearing half-mast trousers and loafers and the conundrum of whether you do or don’t wear socks has become, sometimes a fashion styling issue. So if you are one of the many thousand, millions of men who love the sockless look, there are a few fashion rules. Keep your hems close and they should be no less than 13 or 15 in circumference, wide hems are really wrong for so many reasons only a few guys can pull it off, so really you should keep your trousers straight, skinny and failsafe.

Choose the right shoes. The perfect shoe for the summer is undoubtedly the loafer, louche by style and looks and will look good with a slightly cropped trousers, and best with shorts, and do remember that socks do serve a purpose, like a hat, so that when the temperature dips to a brassier cold, socks will keep your whole body warm, and if your feet get cold, your core will also drop temperature to balance the drop in temperature.And slo socks do help with keeping your feet clean, as some shoes will make your feet sweat without socks, and did you know that your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body, perfect for a bit of bacteria!

So, here’s the question, it’s up to you whether you wear socks or not, wearing socks is not unfashionable, but just remember, match your socks to your trousers not your shoes, and the socks should be dictated by the colour of your trousers, got it? You have to keep your look-to-look coordinated so that your trousers will look and appear more fluid. You can always wear secret socks, if you need or want to  give the impression of going sockless.

Finally, Another fashion rule: choose the right shoes.