Sneak More Veg Into Your Day In Just 30 Seconds with Lean Greens

As a dedicated carnivore, vegetables can often get in the way of packing in the protein. Thankfully there’s a simple solution from Lean Greens.

Even the most organised of us will find it hard to get in the requisite vegetable count each day… Have you ever tried to consistently get in 5 portions EVERY day?

It’s super hard work. If you’ve not had 2 or 3 portions by the end of lunch, your dinner plate better have a lot of vegetables to make up for the missing nutrients.

Now whilst juicing your own vegetables can be a great way to pack in vegetable nutrients, there’s no denying what a faff it is to juice. All that chopping and peeling to create a thimble of liquid, not forgetting the mess and cleaning of the juicing machine.

Unless you have the perfect Instagram lifestyle, we just don’t have time or desire to spend that much time making the perfect juice in a mason jar with a fancy mini-umbrella.

We all just want to have the juice, get out, enjoy our free time, or get on with our busy career. Thankfully Lean Greens has created a unique drink mix that helps you sneak in more veg nutrients in just 30 seconds. Since 2012, the team at Lean Greens has been fine tuning their blend of 18 raw veg and green ingredients to create a vegetable juice alternative.

Because of its neutral flavour, it can be mixed just with cold water for a quick morning juice. Or if you want to upgrade your protein shake, or smoothies, Lean Greens can be added without spoiling the taste. With literally hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon, this is a much loved product that’s easy to add to your daily health routine.

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