Small Take Everywhere Essentials for Side Packs and Briefcases

Much like women often carry purses for their everyday essentials, men too need a way to carry the most important things so they are always prepared. Whether you’re headed to the office for the day and need these in your briefcase, or you’re going out for a casual day with friends and plan to wear a fanny pack or side pack, these are the essentials you need and that will prepare you for almost any situation. The modern man should be like the old-school Macgyver so he can get out of any tricky situation.

Small Deodorant

Sometimes we men stink. And sometimes our deodorant in the morning isn’t enough to carry us through the day. Make sure your side pack or briefcase has a small stick of deodorant to help you through those stinky situations. Stress, sweating, and being in close proximity to others can make you even more aware of your body odor.

Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Maybe your lunch had something with garlic, and you want to take away the pungent odor coming from your mouth. No one wants to smell someone’s breath, so do yourself and everyone a favor, and brush your teeth right after lunch. This will not only help your breath smell better but it can also help reduce the likelihood of having anything embarrassing stuck in your teeth. Plus, it’s just a good habit to brush your teeth more than once a day for good oral health. A small travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in your briefcase should do the trick.  

Pocket-Sized Grooming Tools

If you’re sporting hair and a beard, these are especially important. A small comb, tiny scissors, and even a miniature bottle of your favorite beard oil can go a long way when you need to freshen up your look in the middle of the day. Tuck these grooming tools in your fanny pack or put them in a bag in your briefcase to keep them out of the way until you need them.

Something for Sore Muscles

Soreness happens. Maybe you’re working out more, or you’re just getting older and you stepped funny, which in turn hurt your knee. Having something like a small CBD roll on is not only a convenient way to ease pain, but it also keeps you from getting your hands greasy from creams and other balms. Use it for hand cramps, leg pain, and more when you need it most. It’s the perfect size and is a must-have everyday essential for men.

Wallet and Credit/Debit Cards

You need to have your ID and your money on you. A wallet or money clip should be enough to hold the essentials. Keep this tucked away in your side pack or in your briefcase if you don’t want to sit on the bulkiness of a wallet. You’ll be thankful for the extra space in your bag when you no longer get uncomfortable sitting.

Small Headphones

Headphones have come a long way. Now you can get something like Airpods or another tiny earbud-style headphone that fits easily in your pocket, or in a briefcase compartment. These are great for carpooling when you have nothing else to do, when you want to listen to a podcast, or even when you need to take a call on your phone.

A Pocket Knife or Multitool

You never know when you need your pocket knife or one of the countless tools on your multitool to do something important. You could be called on to open a box, to cut the string off a jacket, or something even more critical. A pocket knife is a perfect tool for any man’s side bag or briefcase.

A Simple Pen (With a Lid)

You might need a pen. Or someone around you might need to borrow one. Keep a pen in your bag, but make sure it has the lid. You don’t want ink spilling all over your important documents or ruining your bag. Blue or black ink are the two most common ones for any need, so be sure to keep those with you.

Your Smartphone

People will always be able to contact you if you have your phone on you. This can be a good thing if you’re at work, but it may not be as desirable if you’re taking the day off. But, your phone probably also has GPS and an easy way to search for fun things to do. Keep your phone in your bag. It’s one of those everyday essentials for men.