Slot Machine Symbols: The Ultimate Guide

Slots have always been a popular choice at the casino. Now, with more online casinos
available to people, gamblers have thousands of slot games to choose from. With so many
different themes, gamblers can always expect to find something exciting to play.

Most slot games are very easy to play. All gamblers need to do is set their betting amount
and press spin. When a winning payline is revealed, they will get a payout. Your winning
payout will depend on which slot symbols you have lined up.

Slot games also feature bonus rounds. These can be activated when certain slot symbols
are revealed. Bonus rounds also give gamblers a chance to score a big win. Now, that you
have a better understanding of how slots work, you might be wondering what the different
slot machine symbols are. Read on for the ultimate guide on slot symbols.

Intro to Slot Machine Symbols

In order to win a slot game, you must connect a specific number of matching symbols. The
slot symbols in every game can differ from the next. For example, a food-themed slot game
will have symbols like cherries, cotton candy, or lollipops. On the other hand, a spooky-
themed game will feature slot symbols like ravens, ghosts, or gravestones.

One thing that a lot of slot games have in common is featuring card symbols. The J, Q, K,
and A make appearances in many games. 9 and 10 are used in some games as well but
aren’t as common as the letter symbols. All of the card symbols are the lowest-paying

standard symbols.

In order to determine how much a symbol combination is worth, you will need to review the
slot game rules and paytable. The paytable will show gamblers what each winning
combination is worth. That amount will be multiplied by what players have bet. For example,
if a winning line is worth 5x and you bet $5, you will win $25.

Not all slot machine symbols are the same. There are several types of slot symbols that
gamblers should know about to understand the potential winnings and bonuses. These
● Standard reel symbols
● Wild symbols
● Scatter symbols
● Multiplier symbols
● Stacked symbols
● Bonus symbols

Standard Symbols

The fundamentals of every slot game are the standard symbols. There are no special
features to the standard symbols. They can be matched up to create winning paylines, that
range from low-paying to high-paying.

Cards are the oldest slot machine symbols used throughout history. Followed by classic
symbols like the horseshoe and bell. The horseshoe is the traditional lucky symbol and is still
used often today as a high-paying symbol.

In order to create a winning combination with basic symbols, they will need to be connected
on the board. The rules and conditions slightly vary between different slot games. Most
games require the symbols to be touching in a row from left to right. Certain games at online
real money casinos in Australia
allow slot symbols to be connected diagonally for a winning
combination. The number of symbols you need to connect will ultimately depend on how
many reels and rows the game has.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have different functions in a slot game. When random wild symbols are on the
board, they can be used as one of the standard reel symbols to create a winning

Now, the other roles of wild symbols will depend on the game you’re playing. It’s common for
slot games to activate a bonus round when players connect a line of wild symbols. This
could be a bonus game, free spins, or even a chance to win a multiplier.
Newer slot games are using special symbols as a way to stand out among the competition.
These games often feature unique wilds, such as floating wild symbols, sticky wild symbols,
and more. Each one of these bonus wild symbols is connected to a generous cash prize.

Scatter Symbols

A typical slot game requires players to connect 3 to 5 matching symbols to create a winning
payline. This can be frustrating when matching symbols are on the board, but only 2 are
connected. That’s why gamblers love to see scatter symbols on their board.

The scatter symbol is an exciting way to win when playing slots. Gamblers will win
regardless of the symbol’s location on the board. Most games require 2 or more scatter
symbols to appear on the board for a win. When 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the
board, gamblers could win a high payout.

The scatter symbol can also be used to activate bonus rounds with big rewards. A lot of
players look forward to these rounds because the scatter symbols are the highest-paying
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Multiplier Symbols

The multiplier symbol isn’t used in every slot game. We recommend keeping an eye out for
games with multipliers because it’s an excellent way to take your winnings even further.
When multipliers are revealed, they increase all winning paylines.

The best way to describe how a multiplier symbol works are with an example. Let’s say a
gambler reveals a winnings payline that’s worth $5. On the same board, they also activated
the 3x multiplier. This will increase their winnings to $15.

Interested in knowing which games have multiplier symbols? These are some of our top

  1. Sweet Bonanza
  2. Extra Chilli Megaways
  3. Reactoonz 2
  4. Fruit Shop Megaways
  5. Valley of Gods

Stacked Symbols

Stacked symbols are another bonus that can only be found in certain games. This is one of
our favourite types of bonuses because it gives players the potential to win big rewards. The
stacked symbols are wilds that appear stacked in a reel. When this happens, a bonus round
is activated.

Once you have activated stacked slot symbols, a new board will appear. Players will be
given a specific number of free spins. Every time they reveal a symbol that matches the
stacked symbol, they will be rewarded with more free spins. This will continue until the player
has filled the board or runs out of free spins. The reward will be based on how many
matching slot symbols are revealed.

Bonus Symbols

Most slot games feature bonus rounds. Players will need to reveal bonus symbols in order to
activate them. Some games will have additional rounds that can be activated with wild or
scatter symbols. It’s important to fully review the game’s rules and conditions to understand
how the bonus symbols work.

The bonus symbol will usually be related to the theme of the game. It will stand out among
other symbols on the board. Some games even feature a video animation along with bonus
symbols. Other games make it obvious just by tagging the word “bonus”.

So, you might be wondering what happens when you activate these bonus symbols. For
most games, a bonus game will appear. The gambler will be rewarded with a certain number
of free spins. It’s also common for these bonus games to feature chances of retriggering free
spins to play out more rounds. Gamblers can expect to win larger prizes for connecting reel
symbols in the bonus rounds than in the main game.

Bonus symbols are different in every slot game. We strongly recommend reviewing the rules
of each game you want to play so you can become familiar with how the bonus features

Slot Machine Symbols Meaning

Slot machine symbols each represent a reward that the gambler could win. The reward is
based on what they have a bet. The slot symbol’s value will be multiplied by the gambler’s
wager to determine how much they could win. The rules of the game will state how many
symbols need to be connected to win. With most games, it will be 3 to 5 symbols or higher
for winning combinations. The only exception is the scatter symbols, which often pay out a
reward if 2 or more are on the board.

When you’re looking at games online, you’ll notice there are many different themes of slot
games. The slot symbols will represent the theme of the game. This is to make the game
entertaining for players. Make sure you check the paytable to determine the value of each
symbol. This section will show you the lowest to highest-paying slot symbols in the game.
Every slot game will have a different number of possible winning paylines. Older games
often feature up to 1,000 winning combinations. It’s also common for slots to only have 25 to
50 fixed paylines. However, modern games are known to provide thousands of possible
winning combinations, making them more exciting for online gamblers.

History of Slot Machine Symbols

Fruit slot machines were introduced in 1963. These machines created a revolution in
gambling. More players were entertained by the colourful slots and fun symbols. One of the
most popular slot games at the time was called Money Honey. This game featured many of
the fruit symbols you’re familiar with today, such as cherries, lemons, and oranges.
When online casinos started appearing in the 1990s, the world of slots changed completely.
More themes began appearing in the gambling industry, giving gamblers more options.
Casinos were seeing a huge increase in slot players when they introduced different themed
games, like sports, fantasy, and culture.

Modern-day gamblers have more options than they could imagine. There are slot games
inspired by popular movies and tv shows. Holiday-themed slots keep players excited during
different seasons throughout the year. Cute-themed games (like colourful animals or
desserts) are popular with younger female players. Classic games, like fruits or gems, are
popular with players 65+.

Final Words

We urge all gamblers to learn what the different slot symbols mean before they start playing.
Each symbol represents a certain amount for real-money prizes. The best symbol to reveal
is the scatter symbol. This is the highest-paying symbol and it can activate a bonus round
where players can win a generous prize.