As the heatwave hits us, the slider is the easy man’s shoe that actually can look great in any casual setting, ultra comfortable, stylishly sharp and brings just enough innovative flair.

Fashion trends are ever-evolving, and one style that has gained immense popularity among men is the slider. These open-toe, slip-on sandals have become a go-to option for casual footwear, while sliders have their undeniable appeal and comfort. There are several reasons why men opt for sliders as their choice of footwear. Firstly, sliders offer a hassle-free and convenient option, with their easy slip-on design, guys can quickly put them on and take them off and this makes them ideal for any casual outing.

Sliders are also often called gliders, are extremely low-key in comparison to other summer shoes, (like crocs, that are ugly and garish in colours and patterns), are unassuming plastic shoes and in reality super cheap and moreover, sliders provide excellent breathability and comfort during warm weather. The open-toe design allows air to circulate, preventing excessive sweat and discomfort, the cushioned footbed provides a relaxed and cushioned feel, ensuring a pleasant walking experience. 

The slide that started it all is now often seen on the feet of many, by popularity, but is also favoured by celebrities from models, influencers and the humble people like us and it’s unlikely to be your first time  seeing these stripes slides from Adidas often sold out, these coveted shoes are popular years on, and are still highly sought after, that has pushed them up to become a fashion statement for everyone. With various designs, colours, and patterns available, men can express their personal style and add a touch of uniqueness to their outfits. Sliders are often associated with a laid-back, relaxed vibe, making them a popular choice for summer fashion or casual streetwear. 

Despite their appeal, sliders don’t always have good feedback, and they certainly aren’t for everybody, and one common argument against sliders is their lack of support and protection for the feet. Unlike sneakers or closed-toe shoes, sliders offer minimal coverage, leaving the foot susceptible to injuries or accidents. Another drawback is the potential negative impact on foot health and sliders do not provide adequate arch support or stability, which can lead to foot strain, discomfort, or even long-term issues,  the lack of protection exposes the foot to dirt, dust, and potential hazards, which can result in infections or injuries. But hey, who cares, the average guy probably doesn’t take this into account that they are really no different than wearing any other flat open toe summer shoe. 

They take up no space, are waterproof, perfect for travel and, they can deliver some of the most punishing workouts demanding your muscles work harder to find balance. So we say, wear them with shorts and tee, wear them with loose linen trousers and open shirt, wear them with chinos and polo shirt, wear them with you home joggers and slouchy sweater when you dossing the the weekend BBQ, but most of all don’t wear them like a slob.