Skincare Saviours

Over the past few years, I’ve really been trying to nail my skincare routine. Whilst trying no end of products, I’ve acquired quite the selection of samples. I dug deep into my prize collection to pull out the products I feel will transform your routine.

When starting on your journey of curating a skincare routine for yourself, you’re going to have to wrap your head around a few words and phrases that may currently be alien to you. Cleansers, serums, moisturisers and scrubs will all become your best friend and every brand will promise to offer you everything you could possible from your products. My advice is: try all of them. I was very open when it came to trying new products and I was intrigued by what each brand was doing and how each product might make my skin feel.

I have a little checklist of what I look out for: branding, how easy is it to use, how effective it is, are the ingredients natural, and thanks to this little list, I am confident in telling you about the five items I use every single day.

Cleanser: Malin & Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

It’s easy to see why this is their best-selling cleanser. I use this both morning and evening and my skin has never felt more refreshed. Not only does it cleanse the skin of all the dirt and oil that has gathered in your pores, it also tones your face to avoid it from drying out, which can be a problem for me. Begin your routine with this and you’re off to a flying start.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum: The Inkey List

I’ve tried out a few Hyaluronic Acids and happily settled on this one by The Inkey List. Out of all the ones I’ve tried, this gives my skin the most rewarding feeling as someone who suffers from dry skin. Adding this my routine to pack in an extra layer of moisture has been a game changer.

Targeting the dry skin helping it appear more plumped and targeting the appearance of fine lines.

Vitamin C Serum: The Inkey List

Grabbing for The Inkey List again for my Vitamin C serum. Just a small amount of this is all that’s needed to give your skin a much needed brighten. Apply only in the morning to help smoothen your skin in order to get it ready for applying moisturiser.

Brighten-I Eye Cream: The Inkey List

A few dabs of this and say goodbye to your dark circles. I can get the greatest night’s sleep and I’ll still wake up with dark under-eyes, but since putting this into my routine, they’ve all just disappeared.

Ultra Facial Cream: Khiels

A good moisturiser is hard to find but this ticks every box. It is light enough for easy application but thick enough to really pack in the moisture. During the winter months, this is an absolute go to, during summer however, I opt for the same cream but with the addition of SPF.

Written by Tom Loughran