When you look in the mirror,  do you see signs that you’re ageing, lines creases, and a little sagging skin. It happens. But do you feel that you might like a little help, not just for your self-esteem, not to turn the clock back, but to actually make you feel good about yourself. There is absolutely no harm in that, and lucky for you, the cosmetic tools are no longer reserved just for the ladies, as more and more men than ever are turning to Botox just to help them look their best. We’re not talking about a full facelift, or dermal fillers, which may be an option guys if you need a little extra, but suddenly the ever shifting line between what’s sensible and what’s shameful is getting tough to see.


A few wrinkles is fine, but every guy ages differently, some grow old with good skin, some end up lined like hell. And obviously a few lines are fine, but too many can make a man appear much older than he truly is, whether because of simply genetics, his lifestyle, premature ageing of skin, wrinkles and lines can make any man feel self-conscious about his looks and appearance.

Botox can erase signs of ageing and boost your confidence and mood and make sure that you know what you want to improve, without ending up looking like Ken the Barbie. Unlike facelifts, Botox is a noninvasive procedure that may need little or no anaesthetic, and only takes a few minutes. Once injected into the face Botox blocks the neurotransmitters that contract muscles associated with various facial expressions, so it freezes the area to prevent the formation or proliferation of wrinkles. 

The ‘Tox’ in Botox is short for toxin and the word Botox is a portmanteau: it’s a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, and that’s a bacteria that’s a type of botulism, but that is completely safe to inject as it is injected in very small quantities into the muscle, where it acts as a neuromodulator to paralyse overactivity.

So whatever reason you want to go down the Botox ‘lunchtime procedure’ because you can do it in your lunch break and be back in work within the hour, and for many guys, using Botox to stave off those creeping up wrinkles for as long as possible and remain confident in their appearance,  improve their dating prospects or even give yourself a face refresh after a major life change. It’s not permanent, your body will steadily metabolise the Botox, and muscular function will return, should count on a Botox lasting for around 3-4 months.