Find yourself on the right side of the nerd line

We know that summer is coming when we start to look at our short sleeves, or lack of them hanging in the wardrobe. Really, the short sleeve button-up is a marvale of sartorial breeding that will keep you cool in every sense of the word. But the key to wearing a shirt in the style and pattern and how to wear it, as it’s a tough one to tame, though. So often, if you don’t want to look like a token nerd from a teen movie, by not getting it right the first time. We hear you, saying it’s just a shirt, but the key to wearing a shirt in the style and pattern and how to wear it, as it’s a tough one to tame, though. Like don’t wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie, but a small neckerchief is totally cool, so do as the Italians do.

The biggest problem with short sleeves is the sleeves themselves. So often you may find that the sleeves just from your arms are petrified, so look for sleeves that will give your biceps enough room to breathe, so if you flex your arms and the shirt is snug against your biceps, that’s the way to go.

Whatever pattern choice or colour you choose, don’t go cheap on the fabrics, cotton and linen are two great bets, if you want to look good in a patterned, tropical or plain sleeve shirt, you need to look cool not sweaty. You can add some interest to your shirt by epaulettes, pockets, fancier buttons and yes, that designer logo. Stripes are a great summer print and so are checks, nothing garish just a simple pattern looks good with shorts and loafers.

Want to wear a short sleeve shirt with a suit, yes you can. Let’s be honest, who wants to wear a shirt in the boiling summer heat at a summer wedding, or to work, or anywhere, what do you when you take your jacket off, you roll up your sleeves, so if you have the same fear pangs, we say don’t worry, ye you can absolutely wear a short sleeve, smart shirt underneath your favourite suit, and if anyone calls you out, just remember you’re an easy breezy guy, and they’re a total dick.

Do you tuck your shirt in or out? It’s a total personal preference, if you have a boxy shirt that you like but not the shape, tuck it, but otherwise let it hang out, but wear slim cut trousers if you do. If our shirt is n=more tailored at the bottom, never wear an undershirt and let that shirt fly.

Lastly, the buttons. When the weather heats up, we bet you’re going to be tempted to let a few buttons fly open, but stay that hand. There are rules that shouldn’t be broken. Don’t go south of two buttons, and don’t show off your bellybutton just because your shirt has a collar. 

It’s women proven therefore it’s law.