Shopping Online Vs. Shopping on High Street


Christmas is coming, that you know. So now marks the time to go and buy presents for all of your friends and relatives and what better present than clothes or accessories or shoes? But, of course, Christmas isn’t just about buying for others. You have to treat yourself. At MFM we believe that fashion is a gift used at any time but Christmas gives us the chance to get really excited. We believe that shopping is fundamentally fun but also an experience. But what kind of shopping? Is going into the store you love, seeing the clothes, touching them, trying them on more intimate? Or is being in the comfort of your own home, clicking on buttons to make clothes easier to find and not being harassed by sales assistants more substantial?  Here’s the debate. Come and join the buying guide on the page

shopping 001

Selfridges, founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge, was made with the premise that shopping should be an experience. Selfridge changed the way shopping was seen – anyone was allowed to come in, to see and touch the clothes. He saw going into shops as a kind of theatre, something to be enjoyed and acted. So is shopping not all about experience? And can that experience really happen if you’re sitting at a computer?

When you step into a store you’re with the clothes. You can see exactly what they look like, feel them and try them on. In addition, those sales assistants – that some may see as annoying – can actually aid you in your purchases. Two eyes are better than one, they say, and with their help you can add a belt or shoe to complete your outfit. In addition – with stores like Selfridges or House of Fraser – you have so many different designers at your finger-tips. On floor one you can look at Alexander McQueen and floor three you’ll be browsing through Ted Baker’s clothes. Also, going shopping can be seen as a social event. Meeting up with friends, walking around, stopping to have some food is, for some, a day out. For others, of course, this is a nightmare.

And for those that do see is as a nightmare there’s online shopping but eliminating standing in queues or having to push past people isn’t the only bonus.  Sales assistants can indeed answer your questions but in terms of them aiding you to finish your outfit most websites now offer that service with a very specific eye for what you have clicked on. If you have a specific colour or style you wanted and don’t want to go into a store which is more focused on layout rather than access, then the Internet is perfect for that. With two clicks you could be looking at all of the blue skinny jeans the site has to offer.

A bit perk of internet shopping is that they’re online sales all year round and discounts. The thing about sales and offers when it comes to buying in-store is that usually the store can’t order in a particular size. Sales and discounts in-store are for the brave and the devious, once it’s gone, it’s gone. When you shop online, however, you can browse at your leisure and check that the size is for you. Here are four different types of clothes you can expect to find on sale or offer in a wide variety of stores:

Online Sales & Offers:


brown cable knit jumperblue twist jumperwirland navy sweater

marmot fair jumperbois roll neck jumpershoulder patch jumper

Shirts & T-Shirts:

red grandad shirthomme mint shirtcircle geo shirt

panel polo shirtred printed topdress blues shirt

Jeans & Trousers:

light vintage jeansbleach skinny jeansblack skinny jeans

classic woven pantsreverse coloured washalfred raw jeans


two tone grid tielinen mix tiered logo beanie

brown leather beltmens fleck hatmens slim tie


With the argument being thrown around what you choose is down to you. Personally, I’m stuck in the middle. I love to sit at my computer and go through sites without being harassed by shop assistants. I bought my coat on ASOS and my watch on Etsy. I haven’t looked back, there was nothing wrong with them and I love them both. However, I like walking around, seeing the clothes, feeling them, knowing what I’m going home with. However, I like trying clothes on at home rather than in changing rooms. However…and you get my point. I’m sat – stuck even – on the fence. But that doesn’t mean you have to be. Let me know what you think is best – especially with the festive season in store for all of us. Let me know if the pros out way the cons and, of course, which way that is.