Shirts By Sebastian Ward

It was questioning how the system works that brought Sebastian Ward to where he is today. After purchasing his first dress shirt from an Upper East Side haberdashery, he started to think about what gave a piece of clothing its true value.

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When Ward completed his master’s in Japanese he had dinner with his childhood friend, Konrad, who was a Management Consultant at the time. Konrad then introduced Ward to his friend Alika, a financier with a deep passion for sartorial style.

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The three minds came together to form the brand and after two years’ worth of sewing on his Singer 221, Ward had created a collection ready for launch. The shirts – and by extension the brand itself – is engrained into the belief that dress shirts can be just as elegant when they are more functional to wear. In short, made-to-wear.

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Shirts that Ward had encountered in the past were too tight-fitting and restricting, making movement hard and the freedom of the style invisible. The collars weren’t sturdy enough and looked less impressive.

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To this day, the brand that is Sebastian Ward has been driving towards making its mission possibly which is to “make accessible a wardrobe that is as elegant as it is functional.”

The Shirt

Shirts are vital to every gentlemen’s wardrobe. From casual events to smart events, the shirt is a go-to essential. The Sebastian Ward shirt is perhaps needed even more for its easy ‘off the rack’ fit, providing comfort and mobility, whilst giving a slimming look.

The fabric is but another tool that Ward has used to make the shirt beyond others. Sleek and stylish, the fabric is full of style you’ll feel and others will see. The red and white striped pattern is just one of the many details that make the shirt. The white buttons make it perfect for workwear, whilst the collar demands a dark, sophisticated tie to lace around it.

Gone are the days where going to work is uncomfortable. Now, with the Sebastian Ward shirt we have comfort, style and elegance all wrapped up together.

Price: $175/£113


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