Specially formulated for the modern man

When you’re thinking about any good skincare routine, foundation starts with clean skin, but you really don’t want your skin to be squeaky clean as this in turn will take all the good oil it naturally produces, and that guys is why you need a face wash. Look for a face wash that is specially formulated for the skin on your face, and if you didn’t know, is significantly thinner than the skin on the rest of your body. The best kind will unclog your pores, remove the grime and dirt you’ve collected and help keeping the protective barrier of your skin intact.

Shakeup has produced a range of skincare and makeup for men, made by men, that have developed solution-led products. Maybe you have skincare problems, then these amazing products will clear any imperfections, cover blemishes, and will keep your skin not only looking good but will age gracefully.

Face 4Ward multi action face wash, a refreshing gel that will not only exfoliate but also deeply clean and cleanse the skin, leaving it soft, vibrant and ready for the day ahead. Using ingredients that will help unclog pores and minimise the appearance of pore and help accelerate the dissolution of dark spots.

And how often should you use this little gem? Twice, Once in the morning to get rid of the grime your face has accumulated overnight from your pillow, certainly a hotbed for bacteria, and the second time before you go to bed to remove the day’s build up. It’s great for most skin types, including that pesky sensitive skin. It’s ultra-effective, specially formulated for the modern man.

Hydrate in a hurry moisturiser stick: a best seller, this little stick will be your game changer. It’s a fuss-free, solid formulation moisturiser stick that is perfect for a moisture blast of hydration top up when you’re skin is dry, travel friendly and in a solid formulation easy to carry around, and this has skin loving ingredients.  And since a solid stick bar is free of water, which would need preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing, harsh chemical don’t need to be added. And as lotion bars don’t spill or leak, you can chuck them into your back pocket, jacket pocket or stash a spare in your gym bag. Best seller guys! Try it and find out for yourself.

All products are fragrance free and alcohol free, as all products are formulated in the UK, they are proudly british, vegan and cruelty free, and no animal testing,