Sex and Lifestyle: How to Improve Your Lifestyle for Better Sex

With our lifestyles becoming faster and faster, many of the finer pleasures in life go forgotten- one of them (and a major one, at that), of course, being sex. Often, we are so exhausted and stressed out by the end of the day that we’re just not in the mood for sex, which is ironic because sex and any masturbation practice (male sex toys, and male masturbators are included, duhhh!) are proven stress-relievers. 

Sex and lifestyle are inherently linked. You’ll have a good sex life when you have a good lifestyle. When you have a poor and unhealthy lifestyle, you’ll have a bad sex life. It’s a no-brainer and really is as simple as that! Read on to find out how you can adjust your lifestyle to have a happier sex life and more fulfilling, pleasurable, and passionate intimacy. 

Go to Bed

Sex is a form of exercise, so how can you perform if you’re running on empty? We’re constantly told that sleep is the key to improving all manner of things in life, from stress to immunity. And your sex life is also one thing that benefits from getting your eight hours. Sleep deprivation has been linked with reduced sexual desire and arousal in women. We’ve all been there before, am I right? We get home from a long day at work, our partner gets flirty with us, and we say: ‘I’m not in the mood, babe, I’m tired.’ It goes without saying that if you’re tired, you’re probably going to go to bed to sleep, not have sex. The bottom line is that getting enough sleep makes you feel more awake during the day, gives you more energy, alleviates stress, and helps arousal. On top of that, having sex can actually aid sleep. So there you go: go to sleep to have sex to get more sleep. You’re welcome. 

Quit Smoking

There are so many reasons to quit smoking, but if none of the reasons have convinced you yet, maybe a better sex life will be the one? If you have a penis, listen up. Smoking narrows blood vessels, including those in your penis. An erection happens by blood filling up the veins in your penis, so if they’re narrowed due to smoking, sometimes an erection can’t always occur, and that’s not what you want when you want to get frisky. Hello, erectile dysfunction! And if you’re in your twenties, don’t think this can’t happen to you. Erectile dysfunction due to smoking has been shown to occur in men as young as 20. On top of this, smoking can reduce testosterone levels in both males and females, leading to a decreased sex drive. Again, not what you want. One other reason to quit smoking? The smell. Some people hate the smell of tobacco, and chewing gum doesn’t always cover it. So if you want to get intimate with someone who hates the smell of tobacco, maybe quit?


Regular exercise is never a bad idea, and it’s great for your sex life. Regular exercise keeps your cardiovascular system healthy, which is key to libido and erections. First of all, when you exercise, you generally feel healthier and more confident. Secondly, exercise increases blood flow to your sexual organs in the short and long term. Thirdly, exercise reduces stress, which is a primary libido-killer. When you exercise, you produce endorphins which regulate when you release sex hormones such as testosterone. So the best time to make the most of this post-exercise buzz is to get frisky with your partner right after you’ve exercised. But a word of warning: if you plan on having sex after exercising, don’t go overboard on the treadmill or the weights. If you exercise to the point where you can’t walk anymore, all of your post-workout energy will go to repairing your muscle tissue, not your libido. A 30-minute jog is enough to trigger a release of endorphins and neurochemicals that get us in the mood. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a rich diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is excellent for your general health, and if you enjoy good overall health, you will also enjoy a healthy libido. According to experts, if you’re wondering what foods to eat, the Mediterranean diet is great for your sex life. Think lots of fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and foods rich in omega-3. And if we’re talking about food, don’t forget the foods that are known as aphrodisiacs: strawberries, oysters, figs, chocolate, asparagus, and even coffee!

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Sure, alcohol can make you feel more relaxed. And you might think that having a cheeky drink before your first time with a new partner will take the edge off. But actually, it’s probably better to have an after-dinner tea or coffee instead of an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol interrupts the signals between the brain and the genitals, causing a reduced feeling of sexual stimulation. For people with a penis, consuming too much alcohol can cause temporary erectile dysfunction because of the interruption of messages in the brain, which should tell the veins to fill with blood. On top of this, if your senses are dulled by alcohol, no matter how amazing the sex is, it will never be as amazing as it would have been minus the tequila shots. You want to remember the great sex.

Reduce Stress

Although sex itself is a stress-reliever, to have good sex, you first need to reduce stress in your daily life. Stress raises cortisol and adrenaline levels which can interrupt sex response hormones. Like any activity in life, the more relaxed you are, the better. If you’re still fired up about your annoying colleague at work, you’re not exactly in the right frame of mind for a mind-blowing orgasm. Incorporating meditation into your daily life can help reduce overall stress in your life and boost your libido in turn. In a 2018 study, researchers found that people who meditate tend to have more sexual desire. What’s more, meditation allows your body to rest, giving you more energy to have sex.

If you need to reduce stress on your own, then self-love via masturbation is one of the best ways to work towards a better sex life first on your own before a partner. So grab your favorite vibrating toys and accessories, and feel yourself release all stress as the climax tingles your soul.  

Permit yourself to Indulge

Nowadays, it’s very easy to slip into a workaholic routine where you feel guilty every time you take a little time for yourself. Sometimes, when we’re juggling so many important things in life, sex gets put on the back burner – sometimes, the burner gets turned off altogether! But sex is a key part of a sexually active relationship, just as brushing your teeth is important for your dental hygiene. And sex is not only important for your relationship but also for your own self-indulgence. Sexual pleasure is one of life’s best pleasures, and it can even boost your mental health, so why would you not prioritize it? To have a healthy sex life, you need to give it the recognition it deserves: an essential part of your balanced lifestyle. Don’t feel guilty about stopping work to have a romantic date night and sexy session with your beau. Because in the end it will make you feel good and, in turn, make you feel better in other areas of your life. Give yourself permission to indulge.

Final Word …

Life is all about balance. And your sex life deserves a place on the scale. When it comes to what you can change in your lifestyle to improve your sex life, analyze your own situation. If you notice that you don’t enjoy sex as much when you’ve had a few cocktails, maybe go for virgin mojitos next time. If you smoke, think about quitting or at least reducing the amount you smoke. If you find yourself too bloated to have sex at night due to unhealthy food choices, have a look at your diet and think about what foods make you feel good. If you feel too tired to have sex on the regular, look at your sleeping pattern to see if you can make any changes. 

Only you know you. You know what makes you feel great and sexy. Make the right healthy changes for you today and enjoy a great sex life.