Why You Should Sell Your Luxury Watch

What time is it Mr. Wolf? Time to sell your luxury watch?

The day begins with an alarm, followed by a few snooze buttons, then ends with our bedtime with a few meetings and luncheons in the middle. We’d feel lost, even ‘naked’, without a watch. So why, are we telling you to get rid?

This isn’t about replacing luxury watches with smart watches or, heaven forbid, using your smartphone as a clock check. Luxury watches represent style and craftsmanship, but they are also a very valuable commodity to have so let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to sell yours.

Reasons To Sell Your Watch

So why get rid?

What are some of the best benefits of selling your luxury watch?

1. Make Way

Do you need more room in your collection, perhaps? Then selling a watch that you may not often wear is a great reason to sell. If you are a passionate collector, then you’ll always have your eyes on your next purchase; and what’s more, someone else might want the watch you’re selling.

So by selling your old one, could make way for a new one.

2. Personal Style

The watch up for sale could have been a present, and like the nice person you are, the gift was accepted to spare hurt feelings, even though it’s not necessarily your style.

Give it some time after receiving it, but, sooner or later, there’s nothing wrong with selling the watch and possibly telling a white-lie if the question of its location arises.


3. Money

Do you simply need the money? You might have enough watches (though we don’t think that’s possible!) and want to start collecting other things like pocket watches or tie-pins. That, or you might need some extra cash for a holiday.

Whatever the reason, selling is a great way to get money back as luxury watches seem to retain their value; just as long as you don’t blow it all on Red 18 on the Vegas slots.

4. Split

This isn’t the most pleasant of reasons, but break-ups and divorce can be a reason why you want to get rid. Situations like this are difficult enough and selling an item, whether it’s a watch or a ring, can give you the closure you need to move on.

5. Treat Yo’Self

Finally, you might have treated yourself to a luxury watch when you should really have paid off that last credit card bill. To dovetail reason 3, this will free up some of your money issues and keep your conscience at rest knowing you did the right thing.

We like to think of ourselves as that little angel sitting on your shoulder; although Reason 1 is more like the devil whispering in your other ear(!)

What You Need To Know About Selling Your Watch

So you have your reason, but what next?

There are a few pitfalls that you must be aware of. Even in the most turbulent of times, pre-owned luxury timepieces tend to keep their value due to their rarity; unlike other high-end products which lose value over time like cars and, not-so-high-end products. This is a buoyant marketplace, full of enthusiasts looking for that next special purchase.

There are all sorts of reasons people choose to sell a luxury watch, but for whatever reason, it is crucial to make sure the price is right (Brucey!) for your much loved and cherished item.

If in this mad and crazy world of 2017, you don’t have the time to get in-store advice, then we suggest visiting WP Diamonds. This trusted site is an accredited business and is great for those looking to sell watches with security and ease, and what’s more, they have some lovely ones to buy, too!

At WP Diamonds, experts deal with brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, and Patek Philippe and have current knowledge about competitive pricing in the second-hand market. The process is fast, safe and trustworthy if you’re looking to sell your watch.

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Make It Personal

First thing’s first. Have a quick search online and it’ll no doubt throw up numerous auction and sales sites which all claim to get the best deal for you.

Here’s a few of the dangers of selling online:

  1. A lack of protection, should there be a dispute over the sale
  2. Less control over the bidding process
  3. Less personal than if the sale was conducted in-store/in person

That’s why we believe it’s safer to entrust your sale to an experience watch seller. This way, they should take care of the whole process from marketing your timepiece to ensuring that all sale documents are in order.

What is more, the chosen specialist will have the expertise to know precisely what your timepiece is worth in today’s market without you trusting a possible untrustworthy online seller.

Watch Condition

Maintenance and the odd repair is a requirement for almost all vintage and pre-owned luxury watches during their lifetime. If the watch you’re looking to sell is in need of care and attention, it’s well worth considering investing in any necessary maintenance or repair before you go to market.

That way, you will be able to get a fair comparison of similar models on the market; providing other sellers have also taken the time to fix their problems (again, another caution for online selling and buying).

For a comparatively small outlay, the restored condition should make the difference between an average selling price and a price you’ll be happy with.

What’s more, you should save everything. Keeping your paperwork in order might be one of the most important steps in the selling, and buying process.

A good luxury watch specialist should have an intimate knowledge of their customers and what they’re looking for, so any finer details can be invaluable. So before you put your timepiece on the market, make sure your paperwork is in order and that your dealer is aware of any small print or extra details you can provide.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has given you an idea about who, what and where to look when you’re selling your luxury watch. Timepieces can mean different things to different people, but at the end of the day, they are luxury items that need to be taken care of from buying and wearing to repairing and selling.

Check out WP Diamonds for more information, and also look at some of our other articles about watches and luxury timepieces to keep you stylish this year.