Selected Homme SS14

Selected Homme are known for their representation of menswear, paying much attention to trends, style, and the individual.  Now they have launched three new collections that are ideal for the contemporary man. In an age where men have embraced their image and the desire to look good, each collection exudes style and fresh sophistication. With just a few days until it hits the stores, we take a peak at what is to come.

The 1920’s Manhattan & Jazz Age

This crisp tailored collection is the most formal of the three. Inspired by the decadence and attitude of the 1920’s; pin stripes, tailored jackets and light colours are the key features. 1920’s fashion has played a significant role in the evolution of menswear and where it is today.  Selected Homme have taken some definitive pieces from this era and incorporated it into their collection; such as, the 4-button double-breasted blazer, white chinos and embroided loafers. Selected Homme ensure fine details are not overlooked, with the use of accessories such as, tie clips, and pocket squares. In an era where menswear captured the true representation of a ‘gentlemen’, this is a modern take on a classic look.

image 2

It is great how the neutral colours are used here, particularly white. At times white on the lower body can be a little risky, especially for men, hardly any thought goes into where and when it may be “appropriate” to wear. Probably the only time white trousers/chinos can work is when trying to achieve that classic tailored look. Neutral colour is kept on the feet; the tan brown anchors the look perfectly. Also swapping the wide legged trousers for a slim, tailored fit, gives it the modern twist.  It would have been great to see more as the 1920’s is an amazing period in fashion. Perhaps some other colours for detailing such as, claret, navy, brown or even forest green. Also a solid colour blazer with matching colour trousers would’ve been a great addition to the collection; as that was very common back then.

The Blacktop: Lower Eastside

When discussing The Lower Eastside, the word ‘Bohemian’ springs to mind. Similar to the people that are visitors and residents of the lower eastside, this collection has an unfussy and contemporary aesthetic. Selective Homme has acknowledged that the skinny silhouette that once ruled menswear is no longer the only silhouette, and in fact there is room for others. Inspired by Brooklyn and the conventional basketball silhouette, it means The Blacktop collections desired look is to be oversized, unlike previous collections. The collection is best suited for the casual man with its loose fittings and relaxed shapes. In contrast to the other collections there is a lot less attention to detail, and even colour. The main focus here is the fabrication more than anything.

image 1

There is much appreciation for a solid colour, as it allows a little, if any, room for error. Generally, you can never go wrong when wearing one colour, especially black and white. The basic colour choices seem to reflect its simplicity. Using an array of fabrics makes it good for layering especially for those unexpected forecasts. The shorts are a great addition to the collection. Personally, I think the oversizing gives it a laid-back, and nonchalant feeling, which, may reflect the man’s approach to fashion. It will look as though it is effortlessly put together. Let’s not forget about the footwear. Since inspiration has been drawn from the basketball silhouette; high top trainers are a definitive piece in recreating this look, Selected have chosen a plain white to show contrast. With that said it would be interesting if more colours were explored, especially if the collection is based upon the lower east side, which is very diverse. With spring/Summer approaching lighter shades may be more valued.

The Blueprint

A colour we are all comfortable in seems to be back in play. Deep shades like navy, midnight, royal blue and offset shades like indigo, and powder blue, seem to have landed on the radar. Washed textures and over-dyes have helped in making an enticing range of clothing that will be suitable for every man out there. With a mixture of fun and fashion Selective Homme has managed to create a timeless and refined collection, focusing on the tops more than anything else. This collection is perfect for the trendy, as well as the casual man, embracing the colour trend yet creating a relaxed image.

image 3

I love the way that the shirt has been layered with a bomber styled jacket. The contrast in the cuffs emphasizes the bold blue of the shirt. It’s the perfect example of colour toning; if you aren’t bold or confident enough to wear a bright blue patterned shirt layer it with lighter or darker shades of the same colour.  It shows how versatile the shirt is, whether you wanted it to be a statement piece or for it to be toned down and subtlety worn, you can do both. Selected have been real simple with footwear, adding a desert boot or chukka boot helps in creating that casual look. The mix of fits is also great for creating different silhouettes; such as the loose fitted jacket and the slim jean. Showing how print can be worn on the lower half is brilliant because again, it is very hard to pull pattern/print off as a man on your lower body. Adding a denim jacket could have made the collection that little bit more special, as it is a staple piece. Exploring lighter shades of denim on the legs would have again shown good contrasting and colour toning.


Overall Selected Homme has created three collections that are fitting for SS14. Paying much attention to trends and what is current, there is definitely something for every type of man. Making minor changes on things to make it contemporary shows us that much effort has gone into these collections, and that they are aware of who their buyers are, and what they would actually want. Selected Homme’s unique and precise interpretation of menswear is truly amazing.  Selected Homme’s new collection can be found in Topman, Urban Outfitters and John Lewis.