We bet over the years that your style has had a few wrong turns, maybe and more likely it was with an adventurous pair of jeans, with a coat, shoes or even a leather jacket, lured into buying it as it was the “thing’ to buy, the most on trend out there or for some other peculiar reason. Suede jackets really don’t need a reason to convince you to buy them, let’s be honest they almost always improve with age, especially when the jacket is actually suede, and that’s the leather’s less shiny side.

We know that to some of you guys a leather jacket might feel like a bit of a costume, maybe a little too stiff, and too serious, and for those to dad like guys, but then again, for anyone who has wanted to look like an international model there is always suede. Subtle and laid back but luxe and hell, and you’ll never regret finishing a look with a suede jacket.

Consider it as outerwear, as suede is a no brainer for the cold weather. It will simultaneously retain the heat and keep you looking cool, which is why the suede jacket has become a winter mainstay. A suede bomber jacket is an easy way to smarten up an off-duty look, paired with indigo jeans and a white shirt or chinos and a fresh t-shirt, whilst a classic leather jacket in suede offers an fresh take on a very timeless fashion favourite. But a suede jacket will make an outfit, and just looks luxe, no matter what colour it comes in and no matter what price you’re paying for it.

A suede jacket is the ideal-in-between weather, when it’s warm enough to throw your topcoat back in the wardrobe along with your puffers but not quite cool enough for ‘suns out, guns out’ approach to dressing. With winter coming then spring you’re going to need something that you can pull on and shrug off as needed. It’s all about versatility, which brings us back to the suede jacket, which is made for optimal layering. 

With any menswear investment, you can go and drain your bank account or go for a much more manageable mass-market version, but it doesn’t really matter which suede jacket you pick up, it’s a guarantee to make you look your best this time of the year.