Sartorial 7 x River Island

The Sartorial 7 are at it again, this time collaborating with high street giants River Island. If you’re unaware of who The Sartorial 7 are, founded by Terry Donovan, they’re a collective of stylish chaps from within the menswear industry. Ranging from fashion PR’s, to personal shoppers and bloggers, the concept is to educate guys to dress better.

Recent collaborations include Reiss, Oliver Sweeney, Duchamp and Hackett, but there recent collaboration with River Island is definitely a good fit for what they’re trying to achieve. The collaboration consists of a photo shoot with the collective at Brighton, alongside a video consisting of a style masterclass with founder Terry. All photos were taken by another member of the collective, the extremely talented and creative Jonathan Daniel Pryce from

Take inspiration, read what each of the boys had to say about the collaboration and let us know what you think.


Our very own Stephen Kelly who is a stylist here at MFM, alongside the presenter of our YouTube channel went for a classic summer look. Sartorial indeed, we’re big fans of the blazer. 


Look Inspiration

“A day at the races is a grand occasion, a fun day out that’s a real event. Girls love going and dressing up and making an effort yet I see so many guys wearing the same full navy, grey or black suits they do for work. There are so many options in suiting now that if the weathers fine why not where a lighter colour and fabric! I love the colours blue and cream and they really set each other off, combined with the stripes and paisley to add some detail to the core of the outfit while the tailoring stays clean and crisp. The  tassel loafers add the perfect balance of smart without being stuffy, I love that about my look.” Stephen Kelly


Style Tip

“Wear it with confidence; any outfit looks better with confidence. Don’t forget even if your friends do berate you, they’ll secretly want to know where it’s from, until soon they’ll be wearing your style. And I’d rather be a leader than a follower, wouldn’t you?”

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Chris is the menswear fashion editor for Hunger Magazine, and we’re big fans of his style in general. We featured Chris on MFM back in 2012, and we’re a fan of the way he’s utilised this three piece suit into a perfect dressed up evening look.


Look Inspiration

“I loved my evening look from River Island. The black three piece is a great take on an classic style paired with a clean white shirt and bow tie. The Tassle loafer is great summer shoe and can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.” – Chris Benns


Style Tip

“Don’t over think what your wearing. A lot a people get carried away with accessories: Pocket squares, Tie bars, Pocket watched etc. Just pick the one. Less is more”

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The founder of the collective, Terry went for a simple and versatile look which is perfect for office wear or formal occasions. Having worked within fashion since 14, he know works as a Fashion PR for Cube in London.


Look Inspiration

“The look I went for was a simple and versatile look that I would for a day in the office but with an air of sprezzatura.  The pieces that I wore can be worn on there own with other tailoring pieces to go a for a more mix & tailoring look.  The loafers I wore can be worn with socks and sans sock but make sure you moisturise them ankles if you do!” – Terry Donovan


Style Tip

“Even if you only have one shirt and one pair of trousers, make sure you press them!” it doesn’t matter how many clothes you have or what brand it is, its how you wear your clothes and how you present yourself, attitude and manners!”

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Terry fronts the video produced for this feature, giving you an insight into some styling tips.


Mikey is the Senior Press Officer for River Island Menswear, and used to work as a personal shopper and stylist. With a nod to his inner “mod”, the look utilises a key trend at the moment pairing suiting with sneakers.


Look Inspiration

“As we were shooting in Brighton I really wanted to invoke my inner ‘mod’ in to this look, hence the slim cobalt suit and knitted tie and the sixties style club collar. I have a love for clashing casual elements in to sharp tailored ensembles too, so these clean white sneakers were an obvious choice.” – Michael Dale


Style Tip

“Always match your leathers. Brown shoes and a black belt? HECK NO!”

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Founder and Editor of Menswear Style, Craig went for a look which is perfect for a beach wedding on a hot day. Classic suiting, with attention to detailing at it’s best.


Look Inspiration

“My look would be perfect for a summer beach wedding on a hot day. Light breathable fabrics, a sharp waistcoat for formality and to give the body a good shape (hides the beer belly too), and a bit of personality shining through via the print pattern tie.” – Craig Landal

Style Tip

“Make sure the fitting is right. Get a 2nd and 3rd opinion and if it fits well and you feel confident, it’s most likely you’ll look great.”

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Originally from Glasgow, Phil is a personal shopper at Farfetch. Having worked within personal shopping for employers ranging from high end to high street, he always keeps it elegant and timeless.


Look Inspiration

“The versatility of the whole look is what I like best, a navy 3 piece is a true timeless classic look that won’t look out of place in a summer wedding or another event, just change the shirt and tie and then you’ll have another completely unique look.” – Phil Green

Style Tip

My number 1 style tip is to keep it simple, you never want to make and outfit look forced. Especially when it comes to tailoring you need to wear the suit not the other way round.

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Nigel is the Deputy Editor of, and is also an apron maker for Saint & Birchley. We’re pretty envious of Nigels “hat game”, and he combines formal with casual pieces within this look.


Look Inspiration

In all honesty, my inspiration was Mikey Dale’s instagram haha! He mixes elements of sartorial and casual that I’ve found really fun. So I thought a trip to the beach would be the perfect time to give it a shot for myself. Nigel Ruwende


Style Tip

“Find a local tailor to make off-the-rack look bespoke.”

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A good collaboration as a whole, well done to the Sartorial 7 boys and River Island.

Who’s look is your favourite?